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Is This Seat Taken?

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A single woman should regard every train ride as an opportunity, I once read in one of those “How to Find A Boyfriend” books. “When boarding the train, don't take the first available seat,“ the author advised. “Walk through all the cars…

just because the maker of the tracks and the tracks themselves are invisible doesn't mean there's nothing there

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breathe out somewhere a tree falls

Apocalypse Haiku

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Burying the dead

You'll Stand At My Graveside (after Mary Elizabeth Frye).

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Don't throw earth on bones.

I'm Fantasizing About Work

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She started grinding her teeth a little, and gripping the napkin tighter, as though something vexed her. I don't know why. I tried to be nice.

Catch & Release: Dog Person Depression

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Instead, I get things like, “Why can’t you find a nice man with cancer or a bum leg?”

Edju - the 14th stave

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I heard a commotion somewhere beyond the crates and boxes. There was a blue door on the far wall. The one wall the yellow light did not illuminate. It was knocking. Someone was knocking on the blue door. It turned green.…

Arcana Magi Zero Arc 3 - c.3

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Just as Megumi aimed her spell between Arturo and the shrine, a blast of white light fired like a cannon.

When the Meat Puppet Meets the Meat Lady

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Diamonds are for suckers Diamonds are for the miserable at heart Keep that in mind when you are busy Puffing out your chest and Slipping on your dancing shoes We were about to witness the release of souls From the captivity of flames At th

A Short Pause to Remember her Eyes

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I can still remember her eyes shedding light over me. Sparks were gathered in them, always present, always radiating messages. They would have been there when she looked down at me, after her long ordeal of flushing me out, seeing me close to her, all soggy and red,…

Peace in the Backyard

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No lies in the sky


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There's a mutual recognition...

Quel Bordel

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Our friend, M. Dieu-Juste partnered in a used car business with a Vietnamese mechanic, Mr. Tran. Cars however, were not their only venture.

temporary solution to inhalation

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where his breath is, there the man respires ‘round it . . .

People Who Go to Poems for Truth

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People Who Go to Poems for Truth

Rex edits an essay about relationships

125125 views44 comments22 favs's about female needs, Rex.

The Beast Remembers Its Promise

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It's a good thing—because Of the way that feeling Made her even more beautiful. You shouldn't doubt such a Feeling. It's a good thing— Because frankly you have Been informed. When Beauty Loses her way, even The…

Seven Things I Learned About David Letterman from Jason Zinoman's "Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night."

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Never touch David Letterman's neck!


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I met Lenina in Moscow, huddled in the snow, peddling dill & rusty carrots. We became close friends. In pre-'democracy' times, she taught Gorbachev law. But after the fall of the USSR ... a survival in sub zero temperatures. This poem is dedicated to her

How to Stop Doing and Be

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Monday will come soon enough to get/ what needs to be done, done.


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"Wait, was that . . . OUT LOUD?"


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Long slow night / moody lumbering freight train

The Cooler

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We stop laughing when the doctors come in. Don't want to scare them.Benny (car accident, Christmas, gifts all over the road) tries to freak them out though. He'll make a low sound sometimes. One nurse ran so fast she almost wentout the window. Sheryl her name…

You Can Keep the Keys: Song

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Here’s the keys to the house Here’s the keys to the car I’m going out and I don’t care I’m going out to buy a cigar Don’t bother locking up after I leave I’m not coming back anymore I’m going to drink whiskey out of a jar Go out and buy

Edju - the 13th stave (new barrel)

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13. It is so dark I can see the future again. Thirty seven years from now my winter coat hangs all the way to my ankles. My hands clenched behind my back as I walk, crooked, along the sidewalk. The boys are throwing…

Dada- Age 1

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He keeps saying it, babbles the term like he knows what it means and we wince and interject with mama, mama, mama,

When I'm Sixty-Four (Semantic Satiation)

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Every day is exactly the same.

A Bench With A Name

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Benches could tell you many tales if they could see and talk. I'm privileged: I can do both. To begin with I'm quite an antique, been here for probably a century now, though I've lost count of the years passing by. I'm standing, firmly bolted down, under a plane…

No doubt... no donuts

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea goddamn culpa....

Stimulated by Miracles

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for that is righteousness / that to everyone be allowed his own choice