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We suffer// the one agony only- of having no longer/ any physical effect nor way to speak/ of what we watch to those we watch.


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Well, it's midnight and here I am drinking alone at the Stick It Inn, watching the clock because that cute, brunette waitress with the home wrecker tits, Julie, is working again, thank ya, Jesus, and she just came over and murmured she'd be off at one and come over and…


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Their footsteps stopped suddenly, leaving them staring at one another across the bleak expanse of playground at south Los Angeles' Gompers Middle School. His uniform's white polo shirt felt too restrictive as he watched her budding solar plexus rise and f

again that summer

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And there was Kathi R in the summer of 1969. She was from Wheaton. We had tons of unprotected sex that summer. She was short, almost no breasts, but man, she could reach down behind me somehow and grab my balls at precisely the right moment, and bam, ba

Again, the Spring

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Against Disorder

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It is true that the college dogs spread vermin, reeked and shat on the soccer field...

Against Poetry

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If you had a choice, be a poet or not, I’d suggest prose for the lines that you jot.

Against Romanticism

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And because the film is French, the camera pauses / long moments at the curve of her neck, it watches/ her finger vermilion tulips in a vase. Her new lover,/ a wisp of a man, looks good in leather./ The camera pans quickly across beige suede,/ rests long

Against the V(2.0)(revised)

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There are simply no more words around me quite full enough yet to sort of cancel outthese more than empty ones. I'm sorry. There might be some forever fields left ofcrowded purple flowers if you look hard enough but no mountain's majestyto…


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Every time Hector left his home he wondered if it was for the last time. It was Monday at 2:45, so he was standing in the bedroom near the tall mirror, staring into his dark eyes. In the past, she would lovingly help him dress with her tiny, perfect fingers. She…

Age is Relativity

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Albert Einstein was probably the genius of our age. Joe Biden is a close second, yet Einstein not only had better hair but a keener knack to think of things that no one else could, or would, or would ever want to, since if they did, their brain would shockingly combust in a…

Aged Beef on the Senior Meat Market

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Burger King has rekindled Flame, its $4 broiled-meat-scented spray.


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The gun sits quietly in the woman's handbag.

Agents of the Anthropocene

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Perhaps they serve/ a God’s twisted will// as they accelerate extinctions

Ages One Through Ten

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Age Eight: Custody battle. Reassure your worried mother that it’s alright, this will give you something interesting to tell your children one day. Until now, life has been very vanilla.

Aging Bikers and Biker Chicks on Vacation

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Chin beards, flannel shirts, Levis no boots anymore, just loose sandals their chicks with double triple multiple chins falling asleep on their own palms

Agnés and Albertine

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Albertine had never loved Agnés. Oh! She had liked her very much. Especially her wit, the skin at the nape of her neck, even the two freckles on her arse that would bloom when licked.


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Sometimes I think our gathering is a ritual centered on collective visualization. Other times I feel like I have been physically transported. I am not sure there is a difference.

Agra Road

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Beyond a jade gate, a lotus pillar nods to / a braided fort.

Agrarian Joys of Ornamental Lawns

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The leaves/ that clung through February/ fall, dung brown,

Aguilas Range

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When I was thirteen and still lived in the desert I saw a ghost woman at the top of a dry waterfall in the foothills.

Ah Ha

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He started to shudder and stutter as he got closer to it. Time went at a different rate. The gravitational field was getting stronger. His resolve to enter the point of Nothing grew stronger.

Ah Ha!

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His head was usually full of ah ha!, a luminescence that folded around obstacles like smoke.

Ah'd love to kiss ya

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“What was the line in the movie Dad?...

Ah, The Drink

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My mother was Irish as Paddy's pig. So all her family. Lovely people they were. Also, seldom seen among the Folk; stone cold sober. My father's family; Bavarian German. Bavaria's the wrong side of the German tracks. Frankfort people laugh at Bavarians as people in…

Ah, You’re Funny. Good Thing

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I was talking to this famous female artist at the reception, (as if I knew anything,) “If you want to be taken as a serious artist now, you have to have one long serious eyebrow.” There was no reaction. So, I said: “Also, you should kn

Ahead of the Game

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Ahead of the Game Al likes to win. You say something's red, he'll say it's not exactly red. According to him we the rest of us don't have a clue. Others can't work with him, they find him exhausting, but I find him refreshing. “Rita stand here, and…

Ai Kitano

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Sick of sight, Ai Kitano constructed glasses by which the wearer was rendered totally blind.

Ain't Comin' Back

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He told of the wilting heat, the fulgent landscape, the people....


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In the gutter, the paper signs turned back to pulp.