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Alice in Hell: 13 slithy variations

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1. Having made Alice from one of the Mad Hatter's ribs, Humpty Dumpty told her she could do anything, except speak. “How bothersome!” she said.2. In the church, Alice was horrified to be presented with a talking lamb. “EAT ME!” it bleated and, as the…

Alice White Loves Me Because

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She loves you when your words leave her dirty, semi-transparent, at times, overexposed.


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Something is desperately wrong. A scream escapes me. Adrenaline flows. With balled fists, I attack my captor.

All Bones

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You will remember. Me. Rena. A Six-Killer by marriage, a Harris by birth. All Bones my mother's name.

All drains lead to the sea

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This soil is bereft, with only mocking water below, so catacombed in chalk.

All Else Stopped

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it seemed odd from even the first few seconds.

All Fall Down

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He just up and dropped dead one day, Charles said. Pretty tough on Karen, I opined. Charles looked the other way.

All Fur and Bones

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I wonder how much time she has left. I think she’s seventeen. I don’t know for sure because she was already grown when I got her from the pound, just before Christmas, years ago this was --back when I had hair and hope.

All God's Children

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Momma wakes us up early while Daddy's still asleep, pulls out white poster boards, markers from the closet, and together, we draw babies...

All Her Ribbons

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She was always last.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Greek Literature

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Achilles wasn't brave but demigod and 98% immune. Was Thetis stupid to leave the heel un-wet or was she just another blythe immortal, caught up in the moment, ill-preparedby birth to follow through the consequential path from Illium to underworld?So much for goddesses and…

All I Want For Christmas

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This crummy candle is heavier than Jesus on a cross.

All Is Free

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--My first wife is now dead. My second wife is pretty. She has a twisted foot. I have bought her a white dress.

All is Ready

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All is Ready I have bathed in patchouli oil and my hair gleams, lustrous with brushing. I am wearing my gold ankle bracelets with the ruby charms that my love gave me when we had been married one year. My robe is fuschia silk and under it I wear…

All is Ready

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I have bathed in patchouli oil and my heavy hair is lustrous from brushing. I am wearing my gold ankle bracelets with the ruby charms that my love gave me when we had been married one year. My robe is fuchsia silk and under it I wear black satin…

All Kind of Ruin

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They broke both of Jimmy's shins. / Gambling debt just like in the movies

All kinds of everything

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All kinds of everything About time, and only the circumference of it I am wider awake with every sleepless hour Queen of where men will not go; the beheaded to hand. You are an inadequate expression of humanity -The dead man's jacket Love…

All Men Troubled End Well

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Sergio spoke of his madness. He painted during the day and at night—sometimes upright, sometimes leaning over his canvas with the brush in his hand dangling like an errant pendulum. His hair was thick, black curls bouncing with each brushstroke. He drank

All of a Sudden

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Look at this contradictory neon night.

All of Me

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They sat before the fire and played cribbage. He was a good player, but not as good as she was.

All of My Facebook Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers

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I once knew a guy named Ian from Manhattan Who liked looking at New Yorker fey cartoons.

All Of My Monsters And Beautiful Women In Dreams

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1. Lamia I slapped the venomous dream from his mouth before he could spit in my eyes; fuck him and his rage, fucking Tonton Macoute or whatever he was--and I got the hell out and away from that house and the fires that raged on all floors, and I fled…

All that Remains

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The drapes are closed against the sunlight, but Ginny can feel someone in the room. She peers through barely open eyes so as not to let on she's awake. She adjusts her position in a way she hopes mimics sleep, turns her head to the side. A woman…

All the Bad Things About Hill House

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I felt the most afraid I’ve ever felt in my life, like all the unknowns in the universe were rushing through me at once.


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The apartment was a second-level place, so I went down the steps and looked through the stained glass window of the door. “Ah hell,” I said to myself. Raymond Carver and John Fante and Charles Bukowski were outside. I opened the door.

All the gaping mouths without a voice

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"Mammy, why do they throw sand in our eyes?" a girl could be heard screaming from the 30-foot-deep ravine, Babi Yar.

All the Pretty Boys

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Somewhere along the line he had also become a junkie, so he had a plastic bottle filled with methadone. I took a swig of that as we decided to jump in a cab and go to a dance club. It was a total shit-hole...

All the Pretty White Fonts!

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The musicians bereft of instrumentality and the audience awed by Lucretia’s performance, silence reigned in the musty theater for most of the next five minutes, as Lucretia had no other lines to deliver for the remaining quarter hour.


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The countdown is on and daily the propaganda gets more and more aggravating It appears at times that the news media dictate and orchestrate more that just report on events of diplomatic shock. A huge effort has gone in to covering this coming war and it…

All The Right Steps

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"I didn’t take my mother’s denial of my dream lightly. I wanted it desperately. I cried and pleaded, nagged and begged. On several occasions, I temperamentally got out of the car at a stop sign and walked. Once, my mother said that I was nagging her so mu