Trace Sheridan

Occupation writer/full time grad student/editor

Why do you write?

hardship fuels my creativity-smile. i write because i am fascinated by people, life, & ordinary living. i try to write about extraordinary experiences that occur on the smallest of levels. i write about loss essentially and how people find some 'place' to exist beyond it. (when i say 'loss' i don't mean death); more like losing relationships, connection, self, etc. i try to tell stories about people finding a way, a new way to live when their 'old' way no longer fits.

Any favorite authors? Books?

too many to name.

Trace Sheridan's Wall

TJ Skarbo – Dec 27, 2009

Thanks Trace for the wonderful comments on passion. I would like to add you to my contacts as well...

TJ Skarbo – Dec 22, 2009

Thanks so much Trace for the wonderful comments on "Fruits of Passion" I appreciate it. :)

Chris Okum – Dec 18, 2009

Thank you for the kind words, Trace.

Trace Sheridan – Dec 06, 2009

hi Doro,
Thank you for the invitation :) I'll figure out how to post soon, lol.

Dorothee Lang – Dec 06, 2009

Welcome Trace! Looking forward to read your stories here!

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