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The Haven

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“Since you are not a writer, I shall forgive your use of the slang term 'pissy',” Galen returned nonchalantly. “If another book is to come to fruition, a botanical miracle would have to occur. I need atmosphere to write.... not this sky drivel. These rect


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Someone had shown me a page on the internet where writers could have their stories analyzed, seeing whose work their piece was similar to. Normally, I only went on the computer to find apartment listings and pornography.


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~our silly cosmology of visceral pleasure~

Leaping Through Flames

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I should have never gotten involved in such a huge lie. I was a poet, for God's sake, not a novelist. I wasn't used to lying.

Showdown at the Okay Corral

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I hauled out my Norton Anthology and threw caution to the wind.

Young Turks

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There was a whole group of us Young Turk poets who hung out at the Savoy Tivoli in North Beach. Most of them drove cabs, (whereas I was now working in a damned gas station for Angel, my publisher’s man, who got me a job there.) They would double-park thei


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Dana Weinstein, whose pet dog died last year, has spent nearly $50,000 over the last six months to clone her precious Chinese pug, Yu, so she could have 'Yu Too'."It's definitely not for most people," said Dana about her extreme measures to recreate her pet. "No other dog…

The Sweet Spot - Chapter One

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Now it was, distorted as it was through the sepia tones of mourning. It's that sweet spot - the place where fantasy and memory collide. It's what makes reality livable.


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He was still on the ground...

The Sweet Spot - Chapter 2

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I didn't know it at the time, but when our eyes closed and our lips met, we were both fantasizing about Derek Carter.

We're all Stories in the End

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Like all libraries, the one run by Grant had the floors blanketed with a harsh silence. No noises aside from the familiar squeals of chairs moving or the heavy footsteps that struck the solid hardwood floor were made. Silence was needed to …

Helen of the Poetry World

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That night we went out to shoot some pool at the pool hall over on Durant Avenue, which was above a bar called Kip’s. Rotten Bobby walked in with his own damn pool cue, which came broken down in two pieces. He carried it in a narrow felt-lined carrying

The Sweet Spot - Chapter 3

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Kyle showed up the next day for the funeral. And he brought a friend. Most of the morning had gone by in a blur, the endless Mass, the burial. I couldn't get past the feeling that I was playing a part in a movie, the mourning daughter. I was on…

The Sweet Spot - Chapter 4

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I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the only person ever to leave a beauty salon dolled up and ready take her life by the horns. But if I was a betting person, I'd lay odds that what happened to me next never happened to you.


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When Graham was a kid, he would pray to his father.