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Only in America

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Mullah Omar was quoted as saying that “America will fall to the ground.” The extinction of America will come about if God is willing.

Mm Mm Good

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I woke up on the sofa in Doc's living room about an hour later. I went downstairs. Doc and Kat were in the guest bedroom.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

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One of the women is a brassy blond, and when she takes off her coat, I almost choke on a French fry.

The Party

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My wife tells me I should marry Pam. “She would be good for you,” she says.

Show Me

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“Why are you always wearing a hood?” She asked. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to say anything.


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He had no idea about the first three cards - what he would call the flop - which looked dubious and full of danger.

A Thousand Words

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Photographs can create, both good and bad. They can create a way to make a living, but they can also create opportunities for black mail, divorce settlements and most of all they can create power.

The story is not this poem

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The story is not my life.

About men`s psychology

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Dedicated to my kind teachers of English: Professors Bill Yarrow and Gary Percesepe

Satin Doll

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Dad was not dead, but Mom decided to give him a funeral anyway. “He's dead to us,” she said. We were sitting in the back yard at the ragged end of the day, watching the darkening sky toss up handfuls of stars. Mom shook her…


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Wanted Van Gogh book back so he beat down door...

Turkey Day

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Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house they went, Will and his new girlfriend Emma from Atlanta for the annual family dinner and drunken disaster in Allendale.

A Little Fishing

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Harpo sits and looks at something I can't see. I drink beer and ask him questions. I ask him how they found the cancer. Backache, he says. He went to see a doctor.


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For two days, I bashed out words with grimacing fingers, wrenching images from my whining consciousness – a weak, lumbering, uninspired piece – and now for what?

Just One Sentence

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Blinking, Eleanor frowned at the words she’d uttered. They were absurd… foolish. Unequivocally unscientific, but beautiful nonetheless. The notion of the sunless hours embodied as a clumsy artist struck the student as interesting.