Matthew Rogers

Location Ontario, Canada
Occupation Grocery Clerk
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About Me

As a simple Canadian, Matthew has a passion for wanting to read wonderfully crafted stories, and since books are at the forefront of his hobbies couple it with his overclocked imagination, it's not a shock that he winded up wanting to write.

Sadly, he hasn't written much, but that does not mean he does not stop thinking about anything that his mind comes up with. He has a few ideas for a novel or two, and a bunch for short stories, it just all comes down to wanting to write them.

He will give any type of story a try, from Literary Fiction to Horror, from Fantasy to Poetry. He likes to expand his reading palate because believes that a writer needs to keep his mind open to different genre's and authors, and so he has wound up finding many wonderful stories which he will never regret reading.

But the reason he wanted to become a writer was because of Stephen King.

Yes, that Stephen King.

During his teenage years, though he thinks it was around the time he was just ending grade school, he happened to read a mass market paperback copy of the Regulators by Mr. King. In it was a foreword that explained how King writers by asking questions. Now it has been awhile and Matthew has forgotten it somewhat (though he can easily get the copy and find out what was written there) but he knows that it was because of King that he was spurred into wanting to write.

Why do you write?

He writes because he just wants to, as he daydreams and feels his imagination running on speed. He likes to think up some ideas or gets a spark of one out of the blue once in awhile, so he tucks them away believing he can write them when the time comes.

As for fuel, he does not think he has found a source just yet. He has had a hard time trying to write, and has only created a few short stories over a long period of time. He may find an untapped well one day or finally chain himself down and write something that has been rattling around in his brain for ages. Until then he will just keep on moving on.

Any favorite authors? Books?

This area will be completed sometime soon, as both lists are kind of long...

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