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Far As You Want

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At a rest stop in Montpelier, they stopped to buy Cokes and gum from the vending machines. He was showing off, trying to jimmy one of the locks with a safety pin but it stayed locked and she laughed at him and he said goddamn, look at all a them Milkyways

Quitting Smoking

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After the affair was over, she told her husband she’d been smoking. Obviously he didn’t know, but he knew. One can never hide the fact that one has been smoking. He said he could smell it on her.

Habits Die Hard

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Although radiation and chemo rendered him a wraith...

A Brief Meditation on Smoking

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There are two kinds of stupid in the world of smoking. The first kind includes anyone who smokes – knowing well that it is likely to cause terrible pain at a later point in their lives. The second kind includes the people who tell the first kind that sm


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I made myself tiny as I could, imagining I was Houdini shackled underwater, holding my nose and practicing my escape...

Quitting Is Easy

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I took up smoking just to show the world how easy it was to quit. It’s been five months now, and my wife is wondering why I haven’t yet.

fire and ice

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“Who says?” she purred in reply “They all do” he countered smiling , chewing on an ice cube “All of them, huh?” She leaned forward, raising a wicked left eyebrow and whispered, “And just who are they, anyway?”

Captains of Industry

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Renee said, "I have actually slept with a number of Captains of Industry and would rate them, overall, deficient in skills."

Tour Guide

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“It is not your shoes the Americans complained about!” Roberto yelled, sitting behind his desk, cigar smoke curling around his purple face. “It is your UNDERWEAR!”

A Halo of Smoke

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My father is dying but he cannot stop smoking.

Private Red

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Your favorite nickname existed only in the bright red cherry smoldering at the end of your smoke.


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I looked at her greying face and wrinkling hair and tried to fathom why my counsellor was suddenly being such a bitch.

The Deepest Cut

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Smoke is pouring outta my ears! (And outta my mouth and nostrils, but that's normal.) The Fast-o-matic Supermart has changed their coupons. Now you can't swap them for plastic surgery. So all those tubes of New Orleans-style Cottil-i-Lard dog sausage…


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The cool taste of menthol filled his lungs, burning him from the inside. He didn't mind.

The Cognitive Dissonance of Noise Being Similar to Standing Still

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I crawled back into bed as she was finishing her smoke. She smelled like it, but I didn’t care.