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The "N" Word revised

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The shameful glance my dad shared with the black man made me know as we walked away that there was evil in the produce owner's laugh as he said "DANCE!". Heritage not hate my ass

Happy Go Lucky

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He was Unremarkable. Fifth in line behind four others just slightly more remarkable than himself—sixth if one counted Test Subject 433 who wore the fuzzy hat and smelled like pork rinds.

A List of Ways I Have Failed to Express My Love for You

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The gaudy belt buckle I got you, which would have been well-received except that you hate gaudy belt buckles.The custom t-shirt I made for you using iron-on felt letters that generously enhanced the shape of your breasts in a way unfit for public display.The wedding…

Some Things You Never Forget

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Some things you never forget, especially if they are repeated frequently. I cannot hear her voice saying those words, now, I have forgotten its timber, its pitch, but I remember the words.

Encounter with Lover's Daughter

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What happens when you accidentally run into your lover's daughter on a plane.

Everything and Nothing

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Joe thought of Evelyn. Walt of Charley. Annabelle dreamt of Paolo in an autumn in Cordoba. Everyone who stayed at Mrs Jackanoe’s guest house in Room 17 and found the note also found some long forgotten feelings.

John and Cathy Come Home

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They met in the land of lies

A Litany of Bruises

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It’s no surprise when Mark comes home drunk, nor is it unexpected when he grabs me roughly by the arm and slaps my face because I didn’t have dinner waiting for him. The difference is that this night tears spring to my darkened eyes and slide down my swol


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She aches for the wrong reasons.

A Study In Tango

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you want to soften the blow by asking, “What kind of poetry?”

Scene from the Clinic

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No way to know why she's here, but scars and scabs can hold more information than a file or chart.

Living by Butterflies

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You sit before the mirror, looking at your freckled skin. Squeezing at your pores, you try to get the black heads out.

Same Old Song and Dance

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You want to get laid talking socks

Attention, Stargazers

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And in the end we're crouched over like children / sifting through this tide-pool

Icicles in California

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Jake is four years older than I am, and while back in high school it seemed like a wide chasm yawned between us, as we've grown older the distance has gradually shrank and shrank, until I returned home for winter break and found it was merely a thin trace