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and I wake with my hands full of night, saying –

Morning Love Song

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when I said good morning I meant


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The door shuts slowly to something that’s allegedly mine and it sits there and waits until I come home just like you.

A Glimpse of Love

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I know that my Butterfly loves me. I've known this for a long time. There are moments though, when you see a person whom is very important to you, as the embodiment of love, and that moment burns itself deep and permanently into your memory. I can remember it today as…


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The tiger-eye beads around her neck would wink at me like a nervous uncle sharing a secret with a child. They roll on her sternum like marbles. At night, on her nightstand, they whisper my secret to the patchouli-scented room. How long have they known?

Three Ghosts

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When my jaw aches one morning, he tells me I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and that he kissed my cheek and I stopped. I know the ghost of him wouldn’t possess that kind of tenderness.


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“Here,” she said, holding a plastic bag out to her daughter.“I have to do it?” The young girl whined, crinkling her nose as she remembered the way the plastic warmed in her fingers as she lifted the fresh dog poop from the grass.“My hands are…

Fort Stark, New Hampshire

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Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get where you need to be.


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I spent our years together being someone you'd approve, and all

The Night She Took Her Dignity Back

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She had endured three years of abuse for those hot, fleeting moments of tenderness—just enough warmth to keep her second-guessing the bitter frost. Now the ring promised a lifetime of biting back her pain.


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We were careful not to wake the kids & goodbye with a handshake & my skeleton is trapped with your universe inside.


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My guy was Croatian. I sought an Italian.

The List

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Then I looked down and there it was—the list—under the phone right where my wife had said.

When Horses Fly

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Gerald's law practice wasn't new. He'd worked on the law review and finished near the top of his class thirty years ago. After earning his J.D., he'd gotten a master of law in taxation. His favorite cases required researching legal precedents, and he…

how i saw you sail

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I had a friend in high school that wore a size G bra and we would take guesses on how much her tits weighed in comparison to the rest of her body. I spent a night wondering how she kept upright.