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The Wayward Entropy of Libido Jones

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I'm sitting at my desk trying to think of conversation starters leading to the inevitable episode of mediocre sex, and a two week period of darkness.

Scylla and Charybdis

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Two Great PoetsTwo Wonderful WorldsOne Flesh & BoneI liked this... love the image.... thank you for writing me this One Pixel ScrawlsIf I am to be nothing but pixel scrawls...then those scrawls will exceed that of far more than flesh and bone... …

You're Not Real

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"I raised my eyebrows while they moved before my eyes. They rocked, back and forth, in time with my heartbeats, and the candle flame danced and sang. "

Lights,Camera -Action

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Gyan Ban Thoughts - This post is about aspiring models.Scores of these dreams get killed everyday under the arc lights. Exploitation is rampant and millions of cases go unreported.This story is of one such incident.

How The Unicorn Was Born

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The unicorn's soul rocked gently back and forth in the virtual hammock of a place outside of time, birth, or reality. Things were quite perfect there, with no responsibilities to molecules or other limitations. Once in a while the unicorn sipped from a virtual…

The Short but Fulfilled Life of a Dream

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It kind of reminded him of a giant, real life game and not virtual reality. He was weaving in and out of cars so fast that you might have thought he was knitting or something.

The Coincidence Union

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Ono doubted Seriality made any sense for reality, but it was fine for fiction.

Out of the Valley

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Megan Collier clutched the metal sill of her window, torn between fear and intrigue. Though not her first film expedition, it was her first trip to the African continent. Seasoned and well-paid, this crew had weathered precarious situations before. The dr

A Fairytale of Love

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I am convinced that if we had made love I would have noticed and remembered.


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She stops six feet from her subject and zooms in. A blur of gray and black sharpens into fur. A heaving abdomen. Pan down to a sac with something moving inside it. A small body peeks out from a small opening. The camera stops. The gravel is cutting into h

In The Place Between - Part 2

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One day a girl with blond hair was walking along the fence on the other side. There were just a handful of us left and I was the only one to notice her. I watched her. She did not see me. The next time I saw her, I went to the fence. I thought she might y

Marks in the Sand (Poetry-Rhythm)

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I am only ever What you seem to be Without the leverage Of sweet reality

Blogging Therapy

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This blog seemed to find me. The post I read couldn't be real. The blogger had a session in his therapist's office without the therapist. He'd already been there once that week and paid his hundred and ten dollars. In thirty …

Abusive Lover

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I'm glad you're dead


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...reason never lies