Marks in the Sand (Poetry-Rhythm)

by Rand M. Burgess

I am only ever

What you seem to be

Without the leverage

Of sweet reality


It is very lovely

To sit upon the beach

Pondering the good times

We have yet besieged


Yet the songs that are all sung here

Gag and choke the air

One must close tight their mouth

Lest bitterness they ensnare


I suppose if I were a demon

Then I'd rise up from the beach

Sprouting forth an oily carnage

The light would surely flee


Or if I were an angel

Skipping alongside the sea

I would surely lay to rest

Bringing forth an era of peace


But I am just a message

Written in the sand

The tool that wrote merely a stick

Its guide a mortal hand


And if I were to speak now

You should know what I would say

“We must go further inland

Before they reach the bay”