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Everyday outside of the student union there must’ve been a new guy promising a free subscription if only you’d apply for his credit card. All it took was a signature and an address, and then they’d send you a Visa, a MasterCard, even a fucking Disco


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I go to the seaand turn myself over in my hand like a shell: a hollow conch carried on the resonance of a song long past its singing. My heart is a well and this city, one that is forever in drought.


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Ah the isolation! The affordability of such loneliness! It was glorious for a moment—those gelatinous creatures swarming around me, stinging every surface of my skinny frame but that's another story.


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Silent, so unbearably silent of voices. The dark sea gave us our only song, a light and flapping drum roll of waves and the crackling break of foam on the sand. Traipsing through forgotten sand sculptures we made our way down the beach, everything black and unseen. It was…

The Snotgreen Sea

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The only reason why Paddy talked to me at all was because I quoted from Ulysses. The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea! I shouted as I shucked oysters for the dinner rush.

Low Clouds

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We lay in what we have made, minute fleshy bullets in the target we have made.

The Beach

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The wind blows off the ocean soft and cool. I close my eyes in hopes to strengthen my sense of touch. A bit of sand wriggles through my teeth; crunchy and salty like spoiled oven-roasted peanuts. I imagine the air would smell like low tide if it wasn't constantly…

Beach Bod

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Still perky, still firm, I clench my ass muscles and make my way to the water...

Lovelies on the Beach

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He doesn’t intend to lie after this. For now, he just wants to take in the sea and the quiet.

11 Bang-Bang

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The smell of candy and burn... /A patriotic prose poem for the fourth of July.


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...cause these oysters were the most famous oysters in the world but no more now, that was years before, in our grandfathers' tuxedo times...

Chair and Umbrella, $25

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If white t-shirts are only an SPF of 8, she couldn’t even imagine what a white nylon-mesh umbrella on this godforsaken beach might be in terms of protection.

Grown Man Cries

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I was going to explain how it was all pre-planned, how we’d bought the boat for me to live on while she rediscovered herself in the slums of southeast Asia. How she needed to “do her own thing” for a bit, hang with the forsaken souls of the world, h

Miami Beach

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He thought about what his grandmother would say, if you are too smart too soon you won’t grow you’ll stay short and your head will get bigger and bigger.

The Hapless Shaman Of Paso Robles

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"Hey, my migraine went away!" says a geek in the fifth row back, talking to the Jesus feet of the brother, too too proud but busy beyond reach