#26 Relation>Relation (A Poem)

by Rand M. Burgess

#26 Relation>Relation

Meaning to ask: What are you doing up here?

                                    As in: Are you looking for something?

Something like: Answers to questions you might not yet have?

            [Answers we will try hard not to provide]

 Questions intricate and fragile: Glass keepsakes out their boxes on edges.

Edges: Razor sharp injection like expected?

                        Expected like: What are you seeing from up here?

                                                [Not that we are painting pictures]

            Can you see at all?: Altitude sickness.

                        Sick in the head: Or sick of it?

                                                Blackout like: Vision coming in like static residue?

[Delete the stations]

                                                                                   Angels as in: The periphery?

                                                            Devils like in: The bones?

                                                Echoes asking: What are you doing?

                                                              [So we wait for response: Expecting none]