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Government Contract

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So what happensTo the VFWIn a global economyAnd the monumentsErected in reverenceAfter the boysWho became menCame back homeTo be fathersThen grandfathersGreat-grandfathersAnd start to fall awayAs the days creep byThat petty paceOf politics as usualFamily DiasporasAnd maybe…

#30: Bye-Bye (An Excerpt-Poetry)

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This is goodbye,

#26 Relation>Relation (A Poem)

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Something like: Answers to questions you might not yet have? [Answers we will try hard not to provide]

#25 Missing Volume (Poem)

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Hollow right like stars alight we sing to open space of astral things, There once, the goat played, ate, was lively, had ownership

#2 Feeding Fire (Poetry)

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It is like truth on the battle field. Muted

#32: Deep in Structures of Awareness (Structured Poem)

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In ashen hills of yonder