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About Me

Buffalo born, Rochester raised, Brooklyn bound. I find inspiration in location.

Why do you write?

If ever in your life there was something you knew you were meant to do, knew you were going to leave a mark on people you'd never meet but be known by the ideas you put out there - this is why I write.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I'm a big Vonnegut fan, not because his prose was innovative, or his stories completely unique, but because he tells what it is to be human - the tragedy of how existence scars us through experience but binds us together through that same process.

David Foster Wallace is another author I find very intriguing for his philosophical ideas surrounding postmodern tropes and the battle against solipsism.

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Marcy Dermansky – Sep 02, 2012

Glad you have landed here on Fictionaut, just one more fine location. Welcome.

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