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Story to Forget

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The white Boeing 747, all three hundred and sixty eight seats of it, prepared to depart from Johannesburg Airport. Mild conditions on a clear flight path coupled with the soothing voice of the first officer didn't allay my unease. I offered a friendly nod to the…

Anna tries to recapture her poet within.

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He wanted, what would have been holding a child without any doubts.

Slanting Rain

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...falling into that breathing abyss, and she can feel her heart pounding against it. A falling and falling that’s never ending. Frightening. How hard the thump will be if ever she lands. The darkness continues to breathe all around her.


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Her head wriggled towards me and there was a smell. An unusual smell. Not bad. Just unusual. It was hard to concentrate.

Marks in the Sand (Poetry-Rhythm)

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I am only ever What you seem to be Without the leverage Of sweet reality

The New Poetry

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The new poetry comes in shining metal boxes covered in glass so you can peer in.