Michael J. Maguire

Location Ireland
Occupation writer, creator, student.
Website http://www.michaeljmaguire.com

About Me

Irish, Writer, Poet, Game developer, Playwright and screen writer, entrepreneur, company director and now PhD student.

Over in Ireland, over 40, over material greed, over ego satisfaction, over elaborate, over educated, understood by his wife & three sons.

Partial work related profile can be found at http://ie.linkedin.com/in/clevercelt

I write stuff and make stuff and then write about making stuff.

I like people but only real people.

Yet I have created various digital works under the pseudonym clevercelt for about the last fifteen years.

I enjoy laughing and being alive.

Why do you write?

I write because it has become so much of a habit that I simply cannot function correctly without writing.

My creativity is fueled by a desire to understand and improve myself and my environment, to enjoy the process of creation, to connect with a flow, to fail, to try again, to fail better.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Flann o Brien, Kurt Vonnegut, Beckett, Joyce, Nabokov, Spike Milligan, Douglas Adams, William Blake, actually I have a libarything.com account that lists about 5% of my physical library, found here: http://www.librarything.com/profile/clevercelt

Michael J. Maguire's Wall

Michael J. Maguire – Mar 12, 2010

Thanks Finnegan, look forward to your view - I noticed we are both fans of flann o brien & Nabokov, so I'm looking forward to reading some of your work also. Nice to be here, only when we ran out of wool, did my grandmother grow that beard for me, so I could avoid the peelers while smiling at them.

Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 12, 2010

welcome, michael, and thanks for joining the paddy whacker - with that beard, you qualify. going to read your contribution now...

Larry Strattner – Mar 10, 2010

Thank you Michael. Most of the stories I write are lies or lies about a lie. This one was a tad true. Sometimes the truth gets down and crawls along. It's hard to keep it jumping like you can a tale untrue.

David Ackley – Mar 09, 2010

Thanks, Michael for the comment on my story, It's really great to hear that the voice rang true...

David Ackley – Mar 09, 2010

re " God on Paddy's Night" --Good on ya...

Timothy Gager – Oct 03, 2009

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