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The Devil in Converse

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In se'enties style serenading strut A passin all the pretty birds in kin', The feathered Stetson ‘clipsin crimson suit, A whistlin Dixie blues ‘cross county-lines.

Miss Winter Solstice

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The palm trees bent upon her passing stride From fishnet stockings running up her hide;

The Statue of a Writer

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As I sat down finally, finally to write, some brooding heretical hour of the night, with my ballpoint in hand, poised to blot page, Time gathered momentum, although I did not age...

Descent to Fern and Moss

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Our bodies tender heat in darkness, damp with sweat to oil each stroke in slow caress; beyond our glow the buried deliquesce. We are the flame held captive in the lamp.

The Dilemma

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Scribble something basic with traces of spectacular,pen every pint of pain spilled during the massacrewhittle the convoluted down to the vernacularboiled the whole story, now you got everybody crackin' upnow step back from the business like, “man, that's wack as…

Not Yeatsian

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Didn't he have like a frog No lips so speak of, and the weathered lizard Look of the frequently face-lifted?

Stop Sign

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Made sense then, should have written it down - But I fell back to sleep instead

Uncanny Valley, Goodbye

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When not enough is left to utterThe syllables it takes to say,Goodbye--Disassembled and developed,Laid upon the ground,Like the girded gridlockOn your smog befitted brow...Goodbye.And what if I said, hello?What if I said, good day?Would it change your sunken bodyAnd repair…


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In search of my spiritual source I was trailingDown canyons darker than depths undefinedMy shadow has followed the same foreign footstepsHeard the cruel whispers and told the same liesWe drink the same sorrowSleep til tomorrowHead back to SamsaraIt builds up mind and…

The Dock

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Row, Caps of white, A salted escape beneath reflected light. Brother, remember those old lies? I’m off to sea to make those things right, now.

#32: Deep in Structures of Awareness (Structured Poem)

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In ashen hills of yonder

Marks in the Sand (Poetry-Rhythm)

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I am only ever What you seem to be Without the leverage Of sweet reality

Digging Pablo

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They’re exhuming Pablo Neruda To put his old bones to the test Determine if he was murdered At the Capitalists’ request.

Grand Finale

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Adam hitched his dinosaur to a covered wagon. He drove the Virgin Mary to the Faire. Shiva rode behind them in a silver limousine combing out his long and flowing hair.

Kitsch Pastiche

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Once upon a mind-flight Leary with the tripping became weary Of the psychedelic travel Felt the universe unravel