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Poem with Hello - If You Say It

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an ache where nothing is

The Secret to Everything

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You were still holding yourself In your own arms, when I first found you You were so fresh No thunder had ever spoken your name No lightning lit up your veins I continued to have the feeling of you Between my dream muscles and my lack of s

The End of Civilization as We Know It

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The End of Civilization as We Know It Question is, how many carpets did you see flying in close formation? Question is, which hand would you use If you were asked to choke yourself for the sake of civilization? The real question is, if you could

If You Have to Try, Well Then…

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It trembles but not like before


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Had heard was the word of the week

Three Poems

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the softest dimple of an almost laugh

A Love Poem for Past & Future Squeezed Tightly into Now

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And the years blur past us, a streak of frames

The Great Pandemic Poem 2020

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First you had to have been there Because the air cleared up When the world stopped driving And the plants bloomed Bigger and brighter than we had ever Ever dreamed The sky was just a brilliant, pure Blue Like when God was born Now fo


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arms crossed with an edge of anger


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It's just me.An October afternoon.Ocean and Ocean and Ocean. if you keep looking, down the coastthere is fog.Only fog and me and sea.I imagine him before I see him.Slow walk just above the water line, the fog catching up behind him,fantastical cape.The rational…

A Beast with his Horn

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I can hear the rattle in my throat

The Passing of Great Dreams

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I think someone’s Got their foot On my foot Not holding me down But maybe helping to ground me It’s almost like they’re Tapping the top of my foot Now and then While listening to some kind of Internal music Tell me What part


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Crosses sitting on the hillside

After Listening to “Neptune, the Mystic,” during a Winter Storm, Jan. 2011

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drifting the dark shimmers of cold

The Dream to Build a City

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I tried to drain the ocean But only got a waterfall I tried to drain the sky But only got a thunderstorm I got lightning I got rain I had to build a city By blowing on the palm of my hand The sands rose up The dust blew away And all