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The Facts of This Life as Its End Approaches

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The knees remind you: you are old,/ and broken, and unlikely to improve

Continual Rejection Is Highly Over-Rated

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In your dreams Anything can happen But reality is weird enough Without dreams getting in the way I guess I’ll never forget seeing that Quick sign of the cross Before you came to the side of the bed And the grip that church still had on y

Life in a Time of Drought

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Life in a Time of Drought: Sign taped to the latrine Do Not Flush Until The Alligators Rise To The Surface

On A Carport in Bethlehem

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I can hear soft rain

Where Has All the Laughter Gone?

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The despair that comes and goes is here again I saw a woman who was holding herself As she walked past, as if a fire were about to Lunge out of her parts She was in such great need of being held The despair that comes and goes is here again


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Bleeding quietly

Luminous Nights

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A sense of yellow light saturates the night Which is luminous and green Groups of figures standing out darkly The light coming from behind them Mingling in that loose, timid way of all groups Hesitant, unsure With their backs against the nig

Flint and His Girls

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I heard the little young dark-haired girl The one who came looking for Flint the first night He moved in – I heard her crying muffled sobs Down in the parking lot behind our place And Flint was trying to comfort her But she was really letting it

Not Standing in the Same River Twice

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No one stands by the oleander.

In a Perfect World

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Old Bukowski is sitting at the left hand of God You can’t tell who’s on the right side But every one of the angels are hushed Until God and Bukowski finish their hand of poker Beer bottles are strewn about everywhere Though there’s no drinking

This Morning

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Never did

Night fear illusions

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Sometimes/in the middle of the night/awake under a panoply/as caustic as Doré/illustrating Dante

Here Lies Hope

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No last name On the broken tombstone Here lies Hope Nope, nope Nope Hope Has no Last name

Naps Like God

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I took a nap And woke up and finished The sky Now I’ve grown lazy, like God And let the politicians slide by

I Still Miss the Sun

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I know I’m in the sky all night And can lie back and sometimes have some fun But these stars around me aren’t everything in life I still miss the sun After your first lover threw you back Into the frozen ocean of life You never came back