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What's the Meaning of Life?

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During a near death experience This man met God and asked “What’s the meaning of life?” “Beats me,” God said

Remembering Daffodils

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the burning thrusts/ of yellow in defiance of the frost

my love for you

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my love for you/ is like the falling snow

The Infamous Kiss

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When the sailor heard the 2nd World War had just ended He grabbed the woman in the white dress Bent her backwards in Times Square And kissed her real good And the photographer Just happened to be there At the right moment But then As

The looking glass predator

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In the mirror an owl staring you in the face once again,/a fraught fragment of life’s puzzle. But you pretend it’s. . . .

States of Existence

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I’ve fallen beside the sunrise I’ve fallen beside the sunset As well and died I see your face in the shadows under clouds I see your face everywhere And I haven’t even tried But there you are You’re everywhere I look Even when I’m no

Why Things Are Just OK with Me

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With such demeaning precarity, I can’t read/ anything more than a thousand words

The Four Despairs of Lumpy

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children love to push the gas up and down my limbs

Stiff Mackerel and the Aging Turkeys

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Some misadventures of band members have caused show postponements And cancellations during the band's 50-year-long career The start of a European tour was postponed in 1998 When one of them fell off a ladder in his home But the band didn’t


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The squirrels love the sun


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a poem that unwrapped itself so casually I tucked it under my tongue, just to make sure

A Burst of Color

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There’s a sudden Burst of color Like the dispersal of a ghost In a light wind And now candy wrappers are Scattered all over the heavens It looks like God got lit up By the sky As we flew too c

Surge Of Green

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Already past the harbinger of yellow crocus

she's everything's possible

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she's balanceshe's no regretshe's be yourselfshe's promises madeshe's dreams never endshe's a rainbowshe's last night on earthshe's head over heelsshe's oh yeahshe's purple rosesshe's sweet surrendershe's ever after blissshe's all the riches she's behind the wheelshe's…

The Problems of a Thousand Nights

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You had the problems of a Thousand Nights That’s what was wrong with you If only you had opened up the clam And let your fur fly loose We might have had a chance to lose Everything about us that kept us from Loving, even destroying each