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Wonder Curses, the Cure to Nearly Everything

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Murderers, the Devil Hitler, Whores Cholera, Pig, Big Fat Cows Time It’s broken Throw it down To Florida Throw it on The floor Time It’s broken So where is it? Somebody took my purse Where is it? Murderers, Murderers

After the Logical Wars

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There is fire under the earth Where the dragon has spoken So you have only 13 seconds To turn around and fly away Or else they’ll blow wind and fire Up and down your spine There’s no need to drown Or hide anything There are still men

looking 'like that'

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I think you’re overwhelmed, but I think a lot of things about you and not all of them are fair.

Supermarket Blues

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Man on aisle nine looking for the answer to cancer Will the partially clothed couple on aisle four please put the rest of their clothing back on If you are finished doing whatever it was you were doing? Man on aisle five trying to imagine Whil

Puppet X, 1

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I know you, ladies and gentlemen We see the near future through you Your factual face as you sit indoors Youthless In your ordinary chair "Mice run through their vision Mice run through

Edward Ogle the Tenth

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shitting out the Mona Lisa.

The Planet Will Erase Us

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We control/ nothing.

Puppet X, 2

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It’s important to sound Human, I know To get fragile Near your Mother I myself Get glimpses Now & then Once, Eating chicken, staring At the inside Of a muscle Once During a bad thunderstorm While running down the stairs

Growing older, uncomfortably

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Cafés just aren´t cool anymore unless they boast walls of exposed brick, pipes, half a chair nailed to the ceiling, mis-matched furniture back-breakingly uncomfortable.

Puppet X, 3

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I look good Together Got these penny wings I could actually fly with It all becomes so clear Sound goes down Sanity returns in an instant The night is bigger... I’d rather stay near the ground I’m not a practicing angel

In Darkened Caves

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There’s the Farmer’s Market In the pouring rain There’s the streets all Filled with pain We used to sit in darkened caves Singing to each other We sat in the darkened halls And chewed upon our brothers We once invented painting By

9/11 -- The Angel Closes the Rain

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We were clinging to hope and innocence Until the second jet struck the Twin Towers That was when real evil twisted our hearts And we were left without prayer, or power Yes, a couple holding hands jumped from the building But when I was the o

El Dia de los Muertos

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They wear their bodies recklessly, these cempazuchitl,
 these flowers of the dead.

My Muse Just Blew a Fuse

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It was my sophomore high school English teacher who Managed to inspire me to start writing a little something And I remember, oddly, that she was missing A part of her middle finger Now I realize that maybe she just couldn't give me The whole

The Turning

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A brief colorful season/ and then the fall as winds/ break the hold the leaves have