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Starting with Rodin’s The Walking Man

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then from the page this body stands

I Dreamt I Was Vermeer

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I dreamt I was Vermeer For just a little while I took this photo of a criminal A mugshot really And claimed I had painted it From memories of a previous life He looked just like a Vermeer With the light coming in From the side of his fac

The Secret Is Silence

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the marionette's strings in smoky lounge acts we love to hate

Map of the World to Come

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The middle finger talks of many things How I killed the moon But still drank the moonshine And how getting over her took Some bleeding from the soul Maybe it’s the Inner Face of Outer Space That worries me the most But what about the Fro

“Time is but a river flowing”

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Everybody's a mad scientist

Maybe (a sonnet from the other side)

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everything in moderation

The Sweet Need to Dream

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We all ache for the Purple storm that’s said to Smear its finger in the one True place our soul resides On the road to delicate love Rising in the summer blood And the raw shadows Behind lust make a woman Heave in the Garden While lis

At the Cafe

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The light on his face from a lamp Felt hat with a black band Scrunched down The nose creating a strong shadow With dark, straight eyebrows under the hat Red and orange beard Leaning forward at the café table, watching A damp curl of ha

Wild Badger Sneaks into Home, Impersonates Family Cat

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No one will ever call him our great leader Doofus, yes Horn-blowing monkey, certainly Non-believer squinting up at an eclipse That’s for sure But he will never go down in the Annals of history as a great leader The anal glands of history

Oh, Oh, the Second Vulture Has Landed Already

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The first vulture became very aggressive And began eating carry-on luggage The second vulture has landed And it’s wearing Patagonia The third vulture landed on the moon And began eating all the astronaut leftovers I was writing my new nove

Betty and the Neti-Pot Study Group Conundrum

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In results only recently reached By her Himilayan neti-pot study group It was firmly determined that Sex was the number one culprit In after-climax nasal congestion And that avoiding sex was the only way To keep those passages open and clear

Cloud 9, Really?

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I wonder, just a thought Who even dreamt to Teach a pig Latin? And why a starfish Mirrors the stars We do not know There’s a whole lot To wonder about Like, I don’t know How about Cloud 9? I want to know what happened On Cloud

You Better Quit Your Runnin' Around

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I remember it was late at night I was with Johnny Appleseed’s younger brother Bruce Bruce Appleseed He was the lead singer for the band Fake Moustache Turns out he was just a bum Set on vibrate Who’d bought a 10-gallon hat once But h

Notes to the Dead

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The kind of poem poets write and read. I mean, hey I was feelin’ it HARD at 3:24 am, and this is what spilled out.

What It Took To Be God

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You had to put up with Sunday drivers You had to love children All children, all of them! This is what it took to be God It wasn’t fun You had to be patient, sometimes You had to pretend to look the other way You needed to lose your he