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Artemisia at Her Canvas

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a slow and beautiful silence

3 Pieces of a Broken Heart

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I ate 3 pieces of a broken heart I wonder who ate the rest? They may have eaten the very best I don’t know and can’t even start To wonder how it got in such a mess 3 pieces of a broken heart You could tell it just fell apart It once had an

Sisyphus takes the day off

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what-ta-hell, fuck this he snorts brushing the dust from his shoulders

Greatness Was Never Enough...

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no place to be

What Does It All Mean?

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Dr. Zhivago, Andy Warhol, and Jimi Hendricks Step onto an elevator together No one pushes the button

Breakfast in Prague on 9/11

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I am sitting in Prague Having breakfast on 9/11 Near the Astronomical Clock While the world is bombing ISIS The sons of ex-Nazis Sitting at a table nearby And old Soviet apparatchiks Leisurely eating sausages While the world takes a mo

English Riviera

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Wooden piers, sour local beers Sodium smears on aquariums, damaged

My One and Only Brother

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My only brother, Herb Meant the world to me He taught me how to drive his Triumph TR3 He taught me that I could have sex In the front seat of a car With the girl sitting on my lap facing me He played a saxophone and a clarinet I still have


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everything is change

Advice to the Lovelorn at the Mall

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O it’s good to get fucked in the rain It’s good to get fucked in the back seat of a power boat on a river in the hot summer air With the mosquitos sucking the life out of you It’s good to get fucked with your bare back rubbing up against the rou

“Stars above the barren trees”

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Say it all — Leave nothing out —

The Rise of the Restless Dust Busters

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Some maid from the past Must have started up our Dust buster on its own Startling me to no end I was sitting across the room When it just started up She must have been trying to tell us something About the terrible job We were doing kee

Fireflies in the Night

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Rocks can’t stand their small Shadows anymore And the desire in them grows To an outlandish size The sky’s on fire with existence As everything just wants badly Badly to live And we live and we die Like fireflies in the night But b

21st Century Schizoid Sonnet

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freeze the tongues


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A riot of greens