Map of the World to Come

by Jerry Ratch


The middle finger talks of many things 

How I killed the moon 
But still drank the moonshine 

And how getting over her took 

Some bleeding from the soul 


Maybe it's the Inner Face of Outer Space 

That worries me the most 

But what about the Frozen Carcass 

In the Basement of Mankind? 


I'm not exactly living in the Garden of Evil 

I'm just staying there with a friend 

Who's recuperating from a brush with Goodness 

That wafted out of the Garden of Eden 



I heard that 

When the trees there first heard music

They began to sway 

And still do to this day 


All I know is this 

In the beginning there was Salt 

God licked the Salt and said it was 

Good. Then there was Light 

Then Chocolate 


Oh, and then Fireflies 

Fireflies with Due Dates 

Flew out of the Slice of Life