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Osmo's Bells

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Worldwide, sturdy bells quickly superseded decomposable, and edible, cheese balls as jesters' preferred cap ornaments.

I Like it This Way

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Through its branches we saw a couple. Teenagers, narrow and pale, two young birch trees, their roots twisted, submerged in the water.

The Microseconds

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Only now, I realize it wasn’t wise to date multiple women simultaneously.

How I Used to Ponder Stars

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Whenever I asked Beth, what if Star Wars was real somewhere, she’d reply, the Empire’s dead, babe.

Reuben and Rosemary

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80 words. From a prompt: Write a piece about a restaurant whose menus rhyme.

The Listening Place

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I’m stretched out beneath the table watching her feet rub together like another pair of fussing hands.


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Freedom comes with a price

Call Me Naked

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[He] practiced aromatherapy and licentiousness, in no particular order.

Human Thesaurus

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Once when we were new she swung her foot in rage and I caught it. Black stocking, toenails polished red, beautiful silk appendage. Urge, desideratum, compulsion. I pulled her toward me, collapsed us together.


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They discovered the baby in the grass, under the snapping cotton sheets.

There's a Hole in Your Shoe, Mr. Stevenson

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On a night in 1952 he walked her home in the freezing rain, past the nativity in front of St. Mark's, sharing his flask of schnapps. Look, my fingers are prunes, she said. He kissed her hands and said, Let's name our firstborn Adlai. She laughed and said, No. Dwight.…


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She drew her hands out of the chest cavity and looked at the clock. ‘Time of death,’ she said.

The Impasse

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Kuwait, Valdez--I’ve done my time.

Angel In Her Pocket

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She looked down. The people were small, childlike, without understanding. (99 words)

Bedtime Stories

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At 27, he wasn’t my first.