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Float to Water

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I don’t remember the name of the boy in high school or if I cried at his funeral

No. 1 Fan

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As always in her concert gigs, Ai sings her favorite song, "I want to be famous!" Amidst the crowd of fans and haters...

Three Stories

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This man who doesn’t listen to a word I say hands me an ice cream sandwich.

Big Sur

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A parakeet will talk for minutes when it’s allowed.

Ordinary Fruit

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I was insufficiently abused as a child.

Chapter 27: Prosperity Meteor Showers and the Human Ingenuity Tenders Lasting Economic Recovery Act

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... the CBO issued a concise and brilliant report demonstrating that the most cost-effective and permanent solution to the multiple problems presented by persistent poverty in the United States was the elimination of all those with prorated household or i

Suede Denim

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Rogue sits bedside in Jello Biafra’s hospital room.

An Orb for a Better World

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Max sighed. Solving for x was boring, so mind numbingly boring that he didn't notice the flickering blue light hovering in his room. It crackled and popped, growing until a shimmering rectangle stretched from floor to ceiling.A hand pushed out from the rectangle, and a…

For Middle-Aged Daters

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For Sale: Pushup bras. Always worn. ---


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“Dolphins swim in the soul when it is calm,” the king of television yoga says. His face seems so relaxed. Suddenly, you feel the heat, and must remain quiet to remember, again. Later, you will hang with…

The Shopkeeper

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His eyes are closed yet restless, as if too many thoughts loop beneath the lids.

Trick or Treat

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A Halloween drabble. Happy Halloween to all!

Palm-Sized Woman

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We saw a sign advertising a palm-sized woman. I suggested we have a look. It didn't occur to me we were paying a dollar each to see a midget. I don't think you realized it either.

Three Micros

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He'll tell you if you listen long enough the words run together like the teeth of a zipper.


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“Sneakers”, she hissed. “You wear sneakers to my best friend’s funeral?”