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Newborn Baby App — Buyer Beware!

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They first hook you in with how cute they are. And they are cute, do not get me wrong. I'm not, nor have I ever been, fundamentally against babies—until now. As the first reviewer of this oh-so-wonderful app, my intention is not to…

There Will Be No Lace

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This story is no longer available at Fictionaut.

First Person

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We're each other's inside out. (100 words)

Wind Spinner

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The clink of metal on metal does not disturb her.


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The stunned son knelt to understand then fell, his heart shredded by the hollow point.

Wishing for the Shadow of a Perfect Cube

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Words darken with smut and irony over time.

Reba, Garth, and Dunn

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Mom's mom is a racist. It's okay though, because her mind's shot. “That's what happens when you grow up in Kentucky,” Dad says

Fear the Future: 25 Brief Tales in Various Keys of Woe, Fear, and Loathing

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The three were up early to await the deer with rifles, ammunition, and coffee.

Death Hitches a Ride

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We passed a dead cat lying up against a guard rail, its fur stringing and wet and exposing its bloated skin which had a purple tint to it. Not my work, Death said, smoke trickling out of one eye socket.

A crow, deceased.

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Feathers littered the ground beneath the sycamore, glossy black ones, short one and long.

The Bird: A Snippet

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He’d lost any contact with the last woman he’d attempted a romance with, a nurse from Dublin, who, after a romantic weekend in Moate with him had departed with his kissing her forehead and admonishing her to “look after yourself, now.”


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Heartbeat sped as heart size shrank to a ribcage of hollow bones. The curlew’s cry froze over the open bog and morphed to the trill of the river-bird.


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Across her chest a tapestry of wires interconnected. Intensive. Care From Old English—to lament. Unit.