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He was ready for the rub. Tense. She could always tell. The legs, the shuffles. He had to be frantic before he would come to her, his own wife. Vanity, fright. She could read him like a book open on the table, turn his pages the way a fish flakes. "It's comfort night,…


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Why do men become explorers? he asked. Because they want to cannibalize the unknown; to leave the chemicals, the furniture (and, yes, the shrew) behind; to make their way hi ho into the brush, whose weeds and lianas remain empty of the exhortations of Jesus Christ, whose…

Assay the Assail

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No one is a Puritan under all that powder!

Momma and Me

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On Saturdays, we pull out big white poster boards, magic markers, and draw babies.


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Do I have grounds for inadequacy?


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My tongue is clicking. I want to act out. I want an unprofessional bargain.

My Voyeur Life

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It's the way an earnest five-year-old boy pronounces every single letter as he whispers. Something about octopuses, something else about peas.


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Hers or mine? You figure it out, jackass.


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The tiles begin inching toward him as soon as he moves. You've seen filings on glass. He's the magnet on the underside.


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cummings starts to sniff, his usual routine. He feigns aloofness while raising one wolfy leg to pee on Eliot's sneakers.


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It's Granny hauling her crooked soul into heaven. Guess who I stole that image from?


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"I'm in a wrestling movie!" you shouted.

Duet for Two Instruments of Indefinite Pitch

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A full moon in the morning sky, the sun hasn't bothered to rise and why should it, see how unnecessary it is, left over from a sleepless night, it stayed there, in suspense, waiting to see what you could possibly get up to next. A patron saint for lost ca

The Head

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So I've got this head in a jar and I'm not sure who it belongs to.


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When I got out I didn't buy a new suit of clothes, step into a bar, or bargain for an hour with a whore.