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The wind whistles steadily past like a train. Past the garage where I sit in the dark with a cold cup of yesterday's coffee, smoking a cigarette I thought I'd given up. I look out at the back yard, brushed with snow and painted by moonlight. There's a dark patch of…

Cinnamon Roll

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He’d just returned from the restroom and ingesting a hallucinogen when the plane blew apart, hurtling him through the air like a tossed boomerang.


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Upon drinking artichoke tea, he found that he'd gained powers.


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In her dreams she lived in a rice grain. A virus was her lover.


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Down on the rocks a thousand turtles sunned themselves. Between catching breaths Clay said he thought it would be a good idea to drop stones and break their shells.


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He liked the palm tree when it first popped through the floor.

The Virgin of Last Resort

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In a little dirt church at the end of the world stands the ikon of an unrecognized saint.

Thinly Sliced Raw Fish: 4 Micros

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Right there is where I lived when I was five. The walls were paper, I was afraid of the neighborhood kids, and my dad broke the tv during the World Series.


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I am a mean guacamole, she once said, after a glass of wine


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She saw no sense in waiting. Waiting was a weakness.

Ransom Note

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A patchwork of fonts, the best of the world’s Sunday editions, selections from the Crayola 64 to fill in blanks. The note threatens, a finger at a time, a toe per day, then it’s organs.


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Michael lay on his back and counted his breaths, measuring their depth of inhalation and release.

Dance 'round an Invisible Fire

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“Do we really want to treat her? Is she even really sick, or does she live in a country as real as ours, but one we can never visit?”

A Story About Glass

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That day I was going to write a story about glass but instead stopped and listened

Getting Religion

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My grandfather sees Satan in every dust devil and falls to the ground talking in tongues.