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55 words (revised)

Excerpt from the Exit Interview for the 47th Version of Death

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My predecessor warned me. I know it’s only been 64 years but enough’s enough. #27 only lasted for 18 minutes so I did better than that.

Writing Prompts

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Write about when dad hurled his bowling balls down a real city alley after a night of disgust.

Hashtagstory No. 1

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#whateverhappenedto #beforesex #whateverhappenedto #duringsex #whateverhappenedto #aftersex #nevertrust[written in August 2009]


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We were suckers for strays, the big baby eyes of kittens. We also had lemons for cars, bought encyclopedias from door-to-door salesmen.

Watching the House Burn

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We watched the flames, screaming demons eating oxygen.

Codex Alimentarius

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The heck with lists, she said. Just live.

Fit of Frustration

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We know the band. At first, they point and wave, but then they ignore us. We get rowdy and stumble. We get tossed.


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Muffled tears. The splatter of tossed strawberries.

Counting to One Thousand

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This woman sits next to me, tells me things about myself she shouldn’t know. My name, the hospital where I was born, the time I almost walked onto the highway.

Gravity Gone

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If gravity were gone, she said, the world would be a better place.

A Safe Box

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We drove down a road of Victorian homes, the path lined with trees covered in glistening ice. We marveled at the scene—toy village of winter, street lights reflecting off the frozen trees revealing pinpoints like faraway stars.


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You can't excerpt an 18-word work.

Your Typical Hand

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The palm reader refused to read his palm.

A Turlock Moment

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“Shweetheart, my childhood was like a candlelit dinner for two at Chuck E. Cheese’s—great promise surrounded by absurdity.”