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Wiley's War

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At first, he thought it silly to compare the war to a squirrel infestation but finally decided it was more a matter of scale than classification. Hadn't the pesky creatures managed to provoke in him an abject hatred of just about everything...

Hill in Autumn

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Fall wildfire follows with leaves burning like embers of red, yellow, auburn and brown. She loved the view. Lisa Hill requested main floor access for her doctor, medical staff, and finally hospice where it seemed an appropriate choice for comfort and ca

Take our marriage and replace it with blue cheese dressing,

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the brand we like best and buy whether it's on sale or not. Surely there is another blue cheese dressing that is sold, possibly in San Francisco and made in a Berkeley basement by hippies who scrape together all of their change twice a year and buy cheese from an ancient…


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I did not understand its meaning until college when I learned that Frost would take long walks—the inspiration for so many of his poems—and would leave his wife at home while he did. And just before he left, she would guilt-trip him just a little by walk

Two Wives

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Two women sat at a small round table near the sidewalk waiting for the same man.


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Can’t you do anything right?

My Pretend Husband

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That shirtless guy looks like the man I almost married. I can almost feel that beard sanding my inner thighs again.


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She was in the history books, I was a nobody


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The days cut off by damp chill with every thought a different variety of protection.

The Belly Dancer

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The belly dancer waved a gauzy strip of blue fabric in front of her face. She flung it towards their table, but it landed feebly a few feet away. Donny lunged forward and grabbed it, then slid back into his seat, glowing. Mary Ellen reached across the tab


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Andy writes porn.


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Over our short, yet enduring relationship, I found that he was desperately trying to reconcile his ambitions with his situation. I left and he continued to be unhappy, trying to "fix" what he now realized had been broken all along. In the end, a span of a

Lovemaking For People Who Talk During Movies

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“We don’t need to kiss.” I say coyly, morphing the angles of my body to look cute, irresistible. It would be easier if I’d brushed my hair. “Pretend I’m a prostitute.” I instruct, ”They don’t kiss their clients.” It’s a reference I’ve made before, but not

Last Act

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I'm going to die if I don't get some kind of wine in my blood.

Snow in the Sandias

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If there was a God he was deaf in both ears, blind in both eyes and dumb.