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No news spreads faster than news of a death. Word of the death of a child can be heard simultaneously in a thousand places. . . the word spread by telephone, in back yards from clothesline to clothesline, with whispers in grocery stores, in the looks on faces stunned into…

I Married a Werewolf

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It really makes you wonder what else you don't know.

Godspeed With Minister Ruth

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An unemployed husband finds himself stuck in the slow lane with his lesbian minister who insists on getting to a church meeting on time in the City. Afraid of getting a speeding ticket, he resists moving into the fast lane for as long as possible.

Ex is for Excrement

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You know, the kind of venom between women that is invisible to men.

Pet Marital Therapy

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"This case is hopeless," said the vet.


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The only reason to write about them is that they are the only family in existence with a perfect life

Writer Conversation with Husband

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"What, you only like my funny stories?"

Losing my cool.....

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I thought I would be cooler. I had spent years working on it - being the "cool girlfriend". More than watch football, I could follow it and offer intelligent comments after ill-thrown flags. I delivered Hardee's Thickburgers to my boyfriend and his meathead friends at the…

After: An All American, Post 9-11 Love Poem

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After he got on one knee, and she said, I do. After they watched the televised bombs disappear the city. After everyone fell asleep. After shock and awe, him and her making love…

The List

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Then I looked down and there it was—the list—under the phone right where my wife had said.


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Marge came home with a Doors CD.

When Horses Fly

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Gerald's law practice wasn't new. He'd worked on the law review and finished near the top of his class thirty years ago. After earning his J.D., he'd gotten a master of law in taxation. His favorite cases required researching legal precedents, and he…

The Proposal

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Perhaps it is not the tie itself but the way I have it threaded around my neck that offends him; the words “Little Miss Bronx” are clearly visible on the front.


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They were afraid that the spiders would crawl up their slim, u-shaped gaps and get inside them. He wasn’t sure how it would happen to her, just that it was possible

As If Not Breathing Could Save him

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She turned him down again. Said it was her insomnia. She was so tired, she said, she had to work in the morning, and why couldn't he understand that? She rolled over facing away from him. He sat up in bed, thinking. When was the last time? Three months ago? Four? He…