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Lips unsealed

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They had a vague idea of how lips were to be used. Lips that parted feverishly, lips that burned. Lips - old, but still amateur. It was no wonder, considering that 'boys from good families' would never dream of even looking at a woman, let alone kiss her!

The Leg

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They all looked for Vic's leg after the accident.

Living in the Lapin of Luxury

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“There’s cheap land at Cudlee Creek perfect for breeding long-haired rabbits,” he added. “They can’t jump high so fencing costs are low.”


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I own this property. You can't camp here. No camping allowed.


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“You buy shit, it’s gonna smell like shit,” he said. “You should’ve come to me like I told you and got a good deal with my nephew.”

Dolly's Exciting Husband

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Dolly did not need medication or Bible study. She loved and enjoyed her husband. She hoped she would die first.

Liz is Dead & So Am I

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He compared me to Elizabeth Taylor after flipping through the magazine but he never wrote himself in as Richard Burton or even Mark Antony.

Blue Crabs

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The perfect murder, and it’s not even murder.


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how can I get you to admit anything when you will not talk of what men crave do you not know this have you not heard this was one of the first things a man ever told me about men

The Scientist's Wife

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You’re ridiculous. Time travel is impossible, Steven.

The Juniper Days - Part I

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She stepped into the spotlight like a butterfly released from its cocoon. Her dyed hair burnt like a flame, her eyes remained theatrically downcast as the music built to its crescendo. I knew something memorable was imminent.


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He was ready for the rub. Tense. She could always tell. The legs, the shuffles. He had to be frantic before he would come to her, his own wife. Vanity, fright. She could read him like a book open on the table, turn his pages the way a fish flakes. "It's comfort night,…

Dragon Candy Green

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He could not recall what crimson felt like, or magenta. Plum was a distant, misty memory.


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Janice’s jaw dropped when I told her how much we could get for it. “Enough to never work again and get a nice new pair of these,” I said, squeezing her tits.

Advice from the Prettiest Girl in the Office

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I won't have to see the inside of an office building ever again. Well, except when I finally start that charity in my name that helps homeless teens look more attractive.