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True Story

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The woman worked her way around the table in mechanical fashion, quickly, but exactingly. It was a sight to behold. Lovely had nothing to compare it to in her own experience. Things at Lovely's home were casual. They didn't own cloth napkins, or wine glasses. The silverware…

Margaret’s Mermaid

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When she was eleven, Margaret still believed in mermaids. She would fasten the neon diving rings that her mother gave her to her ankles and swim around in the pool for hours. By the end of the afternoon, with chlorine-swollen skin she would wince as she…

X, Chapter 4: The Median Happy Point

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“Now, touch the tree from here.” Alex looked at him, puzzled. Dad just motioned his eyes back to the tree, extended his own hand out into the air, and slowly moved his palm down, as if he was petting it.

The Legacy

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The old man had always known things, was feared and revered up and down the valley for knowing things. I’d heard the stories since the day I was born.

Getting Stood Up

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"Sorry, I need to confirm the results." Sal turned to Paul. "Is it true that you got stood up?"

Magic Jane

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This is what magic feels like. Excitement. Clarity. Danger. Justice.


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I got a call from Fiona last night. She asked that I come down this evening, to meet at Penny's place. "It's an Intervention, Al," she said, which told me everything I needed to know about what the meeting would be about.

Turning Tricks

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The magician was bereft. What's a magician without a hat?

In Summer

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I. Waterloo, Iowa Towering clouds take me back to that summer. Endless days of blazing heat and claustrophobic humidity, colossal skies over relentless rows of corn and the ecstatic cacophony of crickets at twilight. Staccato bursts of heat lightning flash across muscular…

Blind Observer.

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I sat there, observing the city people. Frowns upon all our faces. The rain moistened my heart and journal. A blind family; a trio. They used their wands to lead the way.Their faces read joy but, most importantly, satisfaction.My envy filled the damp page.

This Horse

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But this horse, he was magic... I buried him where he fell.

Tale of Another Country

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At twelve, I had begun to think about death as a possibility of life.

Mother O'Grady's Last

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Christmas night was closing in at the Cantrips alehouse in Aberdeen, a firm favourite for riggers and other men and women who lived life close to the horizon. Sometimes, on a Saturday night, things might get a bit rowdy but Mother O'Grady would stand firm and bring out…

The Judge's Wife Part 10

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The Judge waited for the perfect wave.

The Magus

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When at last I went to my father to learn the art of magic, I found him lounging around on a gigantic living seahorse the color of the ocean in the middle of Court, and said, “Pops, I want to talk to you about life.”