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The Land of the Four Rivers

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The naval of the world sends forth its spirit, the sun, descending into the depths of Ararat, searching for the lost city of Noah, covered up by the branches of Eden. Adam isn’t saying a word and Eve has her eye on red delicious.


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After a long day at work, I had just left my office, and when I arrived at the bus stop, God was there. She'd been waiting for me.

Get a Hold of God, Will You?

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Get a Hold of God Get a hold of God, will you? I have seen a lot I saw a Great Dane licking the dew off an orange bird of paradise Get a hold of God and tell him that Get a hold of God and give him a piece of my m


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"From up here the city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire," he croaked, his voice scratchy from sobbing. In pinpoints of illumination he imagined his wife - *former* wife - Calli in that Mustang convertible he'd gotten her for a birthday surprise

Why I Became A Priest

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That monk stopped the Ferris wheel with his mind, I swear.

The Feather

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Though the earth was a rugged and unfriendly place compared to Heaven, the realm below the ground was immeasurably more so. It was there that all the pains and sorrows of mortal life were cooked and squeezed, boiling over onto the world above.

Grim and Me

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“Dying isn’t so bad. In fact, the only downside is there’s no coming back, unless you’re a Buddhist. And Buddhists don‘t even want to come back. Besides, you’re not a Buddhist. You‘re just an asshole, Fred.”


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In a few brief moments the entire sky became full of this wetness and greyed to the point of almost blackening, and it was a Sunday morning, and the man thought that thoughts were strange things, because he had a piercing epiphany that there was no God..

Almighty Pink Slip

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I fired God today. He wasn't showing up for work, slept through meetings, wrote ambiguous memos and killed too many innocents. Things just weren't working out.

god's man

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He’s got the pages he ripped out of the Bible at the motel. He has crumpled them up into a ball and stuffed them into his pocket. The sharp little crinkles in the text are the teeth of God.

Theory Drive

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III. The entire place was dusty and rocky, much different from my home. Pockets of power, heat, had proven to be dangerous and inhospitable, sometimes even volatile. It was not the first sign that I…

Jen the First

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"kissing her with every muscle in my neck."

Common Password Profile Users: God, Love, Lust, Money, and Private

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She leans to see fresh bruises in dawn's early light.

Kitchen Scrap

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Her pudgy face, flour-coated and sugary and so life-nurturing in the past, had a different spark now, a searching look I’d seen as soon as she opened the door.

a mother speaks to a stone

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Who made your wings? Who draped your dress? Did you hold the granite heart when they engraved it, when they set my child’s picture there?