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The elders of the town will tell you that as soon the prophet mill arrived everything went to Hell. Before the process was streamlined, prophets used to be grown organically in the community. They popped up only where the ground was tilled and a prayer was planted. They…

Laughing Gods

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It was the year 2009 when Christianity was found to be the worlds largest, and most evil cult. Indeed, Jesus did have his Second Coming, but only because the Christians dabbled in necromancy and brought him back to life. They inserted Him into a willing vessel and then…

X, Chapter 4: The Median Happy Point

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“Now, touch the tree from here.” Alex looked at him, puzzled. Dad just motioned his eyes back to the tree, extended his own hand out into the air, and slowly moved his palm down, as if he was petting it.

Song of the Wilted Flower

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Ach ich bin viel zu wenig, / zu rühmen seinen Ruhm; / der Herr allein ist König, / ich eine welke Blum. (Oh, I am too insignificant / to sing his praise; / the Lord alone is king, / I but a wilted flower.) …

Wavering Faith

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Grady Quail wondered why God didn't just have another son

How to Pass among Mortals

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Take no form or face beautiful enough to cause warfare, or that which would provoke inanimate objects to song. If a tree wishes to flower in your presence, request that this happen very slowly.

Adam, Eve and the Indie Author

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In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. What on Earth does that mean? What the hell? Earth, hell, heaven, they were good concepts. He took a rib out of Adam and began to write with it.

bath salts and the death of mice in e minor.

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jesus is my boyfriend but dont tell anyone. god cant find out cause hes a total homophobe.


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"My dad said the universe was God trying to kill himself….” he said.


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When Graham was a kid, he would pray to his father.


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His will is whole, inviolate, and wholly full of possibility.

Circling God

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“....and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die....” …


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Leaving Heaven to tour Hell felt like leaving college to look for a job and ending up at the Bluebonnet Cafe in Kerrville, Texas, waiting tables at three a.m. Karli grimaced. For the first time since dying Karli wished she was back in her bed in the Secti

Heretical Creation Myth With God, Descartes, and Bit Players

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God was bored one day, and narcissistic,/ so made us in his image

Why R. Limbaugh & Eminem Should Take Drugs Together: A 15-Part Treatise w/an Intermission & a Dancing Puppy to Lighten the Mood

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