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The Truth about the Law

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I hear the undying screams of the children outside.

The Majesty of the Infinite

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The other night at work, some kid was in for swallowing a snail's shell. He was nine and, according to the computer, did not have cognitive insufficiency. That last bit was probably put there to make us all not feel guilty about laughing at him.


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We want to be children of God. Not equals.

Homage To The King Of Pop

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Was this your unspoken mantra, O Moonwalking dynamo who adept at inspiriting audiences

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

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Yahweh’s a betting deity, as bad as Lucifer at times. If you don’t believe me, look at the duck-billed platypus. Yahweh lost that time. So did the duck, but that’s another story.

An Unheeded Return

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On an over­cast and humid day in August, Jesus—with Dad’s per­mis­sion, of course—decided to make his grand return.


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said you loved me told some jokes aren’t you dying?


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Her mouth tasted like cigarettes and vodka.

Another View Of A Grand One

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Dear their top tier totem: however prickly we reach, unlike here—we may not touch our Tao of love.

The End of the World

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I find driftwood, long, smooth logs washed up on the beach, drag them to dunes still wet from the sea...

How Chupacabra Broke the Heart of God

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And God said, Let us create a being in our image, after our likeness, for God was alone in the universe.

Stumptown Mary

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so one time the Holy Ghost come down to Stumptown


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Redundancy was critical for survival, the builders said, so they designed Us with three cores of memory, each segment fully capable of independent operation.

A Prayer to the Porcelain God

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In her cleavage, Mark is able to discern a golden heart with the image of an arrow piercing it. A bow is super-imposed over both. “I see you are a devotee of Cupid.” Mark states. “I notice that you are a follower of Bacchus.” Diana winks.

A poetic response

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I saw this great video, but thought the argument had holes: