Get a Hold of God, Will You?

by Jerry Ratch






Get a hold of God, will you?

I have seen a lot


I saw

a Great Dane

licking the dew off

an orange bird of



Get a hold of God

and tell him that

Get a hold of God

and give him a piece of

my mind

I have a lot to say


Humor is only slightly overrated

I teach nothing

and preach less

There's a whole lot of Bogascity

out there

Total Bogascity!


Also NPR really stands for

National Puppet Radio

if you must know


Don't tell me I'm beautiful

It's better to beg for forgiveness

than to ask for permission

They tell me

you'll miss your destiny

if you are shy


I've got

adventure ass

I've got okay


I've got

monkeys climbing


I've got a trigger

without a hair

and I once wrote a song called

 “Hail To the Chef!”


Get thee to Goose Bump City

You'll live a long life



Tell God to come on down

to the used car lot of life

and take a look

He may be just as

surprised as we are


Get a hold of God

because you've got to

Because if not you

then who?