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Only Dreams

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Her smile like fortune’s cannot be coerced but she opens her peignoir. He stares at the sullen bullethole between her breasts, dark blood welling slowly with each heartbeat. Does he bow slightly, turn away whole? You suppose not. She closes the door.

Beasts of the Talent Show

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Finally my daughter emerges from behind the silver curtain, riding piggy-back on a gigantic proboscis monkey. She's preoccupied by his nose, and wrings it like a wet dishrag with both hands. If it hurts he's not showing it.

The Stars in Illinois

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Only early June, but the heat feels like August. Eleanor and Shelby sit on the front steps of the old Victorian-style house in downtown Los Angeles, drinking homemade margaritas and watching the daylight drain away to dusk. Shelby slaps a mosquito away fr

Dark Matters

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My dreams used to rebel with technicolor and holograms. Prisms exploded with hues I’d never seen before and the spectrum of light showed its face instead of remaining trapped inside of glass prisons. When I closed my eyes, I saw cartoon worlds w

At the Reception

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“No weddings, only funerals,” he says. He takes a glass of champagne and an appetizer from the server. “Lately, it's memorial services, but our next gig is an actual funeral. A staged, authentic Viking funeral.” “The kind when they set the…

House of Dreams

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The cat wound itself around Megan’s neck, its purring curling through Megan’s consciousness. She was the cat and then herself, both things at once.


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This is not a story you expect to end at Cape Horn.

Kittens and the Hands of God

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As the breeze slowly died, another breeze brought her back up, one breeze after another like the hands of God carrying her through the sky.

Thoughts Recorded By My Wife and Sister Three Days After I Emerged From a Coma (Loaded on Dilaudid)

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Bake sweet rolls and make love to your new wife, fall asleep for three years and grow a beard.

Lucid Sleep

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In my dreams, I feel my dreams fade away.

What Day is it?

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My mind is on idle as it knows no other way to go. I look for good news, but if there is any, will I be able to process it?

Naughty Alice -- There's No Laughter When You're Extinct

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Does life have an expiration date Alice asked herself? One must be careful when trying to deal with a broken person; you might cut yourself on their shattered pieces. Life can be like an arrow penetrating your heart. Hard and painful to pull it out, yet i


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Dreams & foghorns.

gravelortian part 25

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I come up and out of the hole onto a village street in the middle of a parade celebrating the arachnid god.

A Prayer for the Swans

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Let my swans live.