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But now she was no longer the little girl.

In The Place Between - Part 2

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One day a girl with blond hair was walking along the fence on the other side. There were just a handful of us left and I was the only one to notice her. I watched her. She did not see me. The next time I saw her, I went to the fence. I thought she might y

Don't Eat Cheese Before Bed

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Proudy's head thumped to the burnished brass-accented oak bar and rolled through a multicolored gaggle of parasol-sprouting cocktail glasses, scattering akimbo their umbrellature like a drunken stagehand lumbering through the set of Mikado

In The Place Between - Conclusion

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You know what happened. You heard about it. We were considered unuseful to the Nazis and were gassed in those shower rooms. It was all over so quick; I had hardly a chance to understand. I really did not feel anything because before it was over, I, being

All Wet

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the small break of consciousness that is my dreamswaterso much wateri can never forgive the watertoo many tears

The Dream B&B

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There's an ever-growing pile of dreams in the corner, next to the armoire. I know, I know. What kind of place is that for dreams. In that big ol' heap there. Very funny. You try keeping dreams around. They take up space. Luckily General Sam, my old tabby don't pay…

False Alarm

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"The rhubarb grew like seaweed blotting out the underwater house, the tangle of giant leaves making it impossible to get out the front door, like in The Day of the Triffids." Ziggy Zimmerman was lying on his analyst's…

Blueberry Cafe

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When I was five, I wanted a lollipop store, shelves shining with jars, flavors on displayand where I could eat free candy galore I'd sell each pop for ten cents or maybe three fora quarter and tie them in bunches like Sunflower bouquets.When I was…

Dreams Should Come with Buttered Popcorn

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the brain plays impish tricks/ and entertains itself with avant garde/ home movies

Dreams Should Come with Buttered Popcorn

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the brain plays impish tricks/ and entertains itself with avant garde/ home movies


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It's so nice to be under something else's power

Mastery of All Thangs Including Sonatas and Piledrivers

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My old buddy Snoop Dogg saunters into the room, and we go through a handshake routine that takes over ten minutes, ending with double-backflips and some brotherly penis swordplay.


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The capsules tumble around, one of them plinking against the crown in my upper-right jaw. I hate the crown… a mute reminder of the first time Brad hit me. Swallowing the capsules, my tongue probes the left side of my mouth, finding the other two crowns…

803 Monroe

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I needed to call you butI'd forgotten your number,the one I always thoughtwas burned into my memory -for hours I anxiously thumbed throughwhite and yellow pages, forgettingthen remembering your name.Between the pages I could seeyour dining room, the floortile cracked like a…


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here’s the deal… sorrow follows tears… pain later for the happiness now… is the joy something we only borrow…?