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The Arab Bank

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It had been particularly easy this spring, and it had always been very, very easy.

We'll Always Have Paris

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“Tonight’s news begins with a Stone’s Throw exclusive. Intimate friends of hotel heiress Paris Hilton have confided that the talent-starved celebrity has agreed to marry Quaker Bob, longtime spokesperson and package icon for Quaker Oats cereal.

The Celebrity

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I love reading about myself. There's nothing more gratifying than seeing my name in the paper, knowing so many people are interested in who I am and what I do.


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I was good-looking, marketable and ambitious. And that never hurt anyone cracking it big ...

You Are Free To Leave

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All that was missing from this festival of the brain dead was Barney the goddamn dinosaur.

The Last Time I Saw Jackson

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The last time I saw Jackson, I didn’t write down the set list. This time I didn’t write down the set list, either.

We Collect Skulls

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all about the American dream

He Says Jesus Walks With Him

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Mexican Audio

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Chromio citrio sticky-floored furio...

The Wren

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1975. Mouthfuls of good champagne. Tailor-made jackets. Orgies on yachts anchored only a mile off Sandbanks. Silky Vanderbilt patterned linings. Cherry red lipstick stains. Cut-glass bowls brimming with icy white powder.

Junk Pulse

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Me included...

Awaiting What the Afternoon May Bring

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Another siege/ with kamikaze fervor.