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How We Fight

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HORDES OF MEN desolated, struck down, destroyed, sunken form of skin and skeleton, bare cloth matted to torso, bodycage and hipbone, face and neck darkened, bloating to black, rain the endless dream stuck fast in the stone-dead skull and blood a fine sheen over all,…

Nothing in the World (an excerpt)

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All night the moon had watched him, and he’d been unable to return its stare. Finally there was sunlight, and Joško took up his rifle and rucksack. He had trouble keeping his balance at first, but gradually his legs steadied.

September Morning

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They were carried out / over shoulders of running soldiers / naked bodies pass

Cognitive Therapy in Russian

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We aren't designed for darkness. Something deep inside of us, something much older and deeper than us is telling us to move away, get to warm, because if we don’t, come winter we will die.

Monkey Business

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Benjamin stands beside his bed and unpacks his few things – wire cutters, knife, tape, line, two blocks of C-4, wallet, brush, and a small stuffed animal – a monkey.


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They come for us just as we are leaving our lakeside villa...


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Come home, my love, and live.

In My War Novel

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If I wrote a war novel my wife would be killed off before our relationship figured out our differences. Like her being really Asian and me being just so-so Asian.

Home, Soldier

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felt as if someone had pulled me in by the belt, or grabbed me by a knot in the hair, and kissed me with fire-engine lips. I was happy. I was in love.

The New World Act

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It was said that in order to decrease population— and thus poverty, crime and the growing uneducated workforce in Etherage, New World— they needed to limit, if not abolish, the Social Reform Act of 2013 that provided government assistance and aid to famil

The Watcher

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the dark brown cloaked warden stands on his lofty perch

The Gratitude of Bones

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During war, as in any terrible time of upheaval, burials are merely quick words and a scattering of dirt, if the dead are lucky.

Laughing Gods

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It was the year 2009 when Christianity was found to be the worlds largest, and most evil cult. Indeed, Jesus did have his Second Coming, but only because the Christians dabbled in necromancy and brought him back to life. They inserted Him into a willing vessel and then…


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Trenches coated with man-gruel laced the earth.


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In the cool, damp morning, Jeremiah trembled, from the weight of the gun, from fear he would miss.