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Afghanistan, Not to Be Confused with Tennessee

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Soon he is daydreaming...

Love In the Warzones of the Wild

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ignored a long time at everydoor on every door, hang a little sign ‘you won’t keep me out forever’

Marry That Girl, Solly

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He had thought of the walk down to Mrs Greensmith’s shop when he and all the men beside him reckoned they’d “had it” that time when II SS Panzer-Division had fought like gods for Hill 212.

Night Raid

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The president snapped awake at three AM. He realized he was a serial killer. Highly trained and equipped killers on his orders were summarily murdering thousands of raggedly dressed people in the name of Democracy.

The Bombshell

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He put Claudine in the barn. This caused him some pain—he’d have preferred for her to be able to stay with him in the house. His mother and father, were very strict Lutherans and insisted on marriage before ‘bunking together’.


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Traces “A photograph is not only an image (as a painting is an image), an interpretation of the real; it is also a trace, something directly stencilled off the real, like a footprint or a death mask.” Susan Sontag, New York Review of Books, 23 June 1977 …

White Cliffs

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I pulled on my sweater and walked through the fields to where I could see ships come up the Channel. He might be on one of them.

Train Ride

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“You’re not the only one, you know." Another man’s impatient voice cracked into her ears from behind, like the snap of a whip into her languid thoughts.


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Ruby never wailed. She was tougher than that. Her eyes were hot with tears, though. She dabbed a dishcloth along her cheeks. Ruby was 31 years old, broken down and drained. She married for love at first, got hate in the end, and lost more than…

A Winter's Eve

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It takes all I've got not to fall on my knees and bury my face in her arms.

Herr Erben, 40 Jahre nach dem Krieg

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I stood at attention, wearing my brown shirt, crisp and military-creased.

In Case They Come Back

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He started to give us the history of the village below and of the monastery itself. The monk said that Germans had come to the village in tanks and jeeps, gathered together all of the men and they took the men—walking in single file up the steep cobblesto

Campbell & Evans

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He laughed – pictures traveled across his mind of bodies and mouths and the sex and the liquor, he could taste the flesh and the alcohol right then, strong, immediate.

Touchstone: Excerpt 2.

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The only promotion I can do. Excerpts from the most recent book.

White Cliffs

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I pulled on my sweater and walked through the fields to where I could see ships come up the Channel. He might be on one of them.