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Out of Uniform

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Between the wars, I hung around in an air-conditioned room. It was tiny, and I was shoved to the back, but after living outside on another man's back for months of bullets and bombs, I welcomed the stuffiness. White paint kept close walls from reminding me of the trenches'…


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Sylvie grew up with ruins for playgrounds.


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The Americans don't want us. They want knowledge. They want to eat with us. They want technology and weapons. They want the results of research they themselves are too craven to perform, answers to questions they ask themselves in whispers, in the dark. T

Where is Now and When is There?

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The floor dissolves beneath us, pierced by lasered/ glare of countless eye-beams.

Danse Macabre

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Between the commercials, the local news is rampant with fusillade of bullets going raving mad, driven by some Machiavellian brainfuck, or bombshells smiling down with angels in black; emoticons of solid metal and pride. But you would put your faith in…

Two Weeks Later He Flew Off to Afghanistan Again

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I put on my red blouse, the one that shows so much cleavage.

The Movie Buff

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“Don't kill anything unless you are planning to eat it,” was the white unicorn's favorite line in Crocodile Dundee. Inspired, the unicorn awkwardly climbed on a box that still smelled faintly of the green apple glycerin soap it had once contained. …

We Are Frantic in Baton Rouge

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I go to the piano in my nightgown and play some of the old hymns. It is a comfort.

After the Colonel Was Shot

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Then we went on a rampage.


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As military tears soaked into hymnbook pages

Leaving Las Vegas

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Now I'm out of fuel and on the side of the road, walking into the darkened trees, smearing mud on myself. I live in the forest now, I'll make a weapon from a simple rock and prosper.


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Wounded with driven masonry nails And medallions of swift nests clinging high

Foreplay For Pacifists

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I tell you that wasn’t even on my mind, but move out of an inverted tree pose and wrap both my legs around you, girlfriend style.

Annette and Florian

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Annette, make sure you practice your German phrases, and color your hair, every two weeks.

Chapter 1

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“The King,” he paused, pursed his lips, looked across the crowd of eager and fearful citizens of Ki, “is dead!”