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...anything but love...

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"Take a chance, Bill," she said, "Like Eddie across the hall did. Tess told me he marched right into his boss and demanded a raise. He pointed out how much they needed him and they gave him twenty-five dollars more a week.


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Hanging was back and thriving - twice a week at half seven in the evening.

An Inquiry into the Submission

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"An inquiry into submission 245,789 will now commence," said the one in charge. "Sir, you have been before us many times. Please start from the beginning." "I first met her when I worked in central processing. She was ordinary; in fact, I almost passe

Free At Last

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And how was it? that God had seen fit to give such funny hands to the enemy. Heavy and strong, their pinch threatening, the boy recalled how the crab held them high. On hands and knees he took another careful peek under the tilted bucket to satisfy himsel

Rev. Jasper Pickery and Three Manifestations of the Devil

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I shall simply give you an account of the Devil's own attempts to thwart my godly work and the three forms in which he came unto me.


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I remember ...all the teenagers offered no-longer favored CDs, last year's cell phones, third-place trophies, team jerseys, played-out videogame cartridges, and candy-colored miniature stuffed animals...

Swan Song

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He ignored his scalded scrotum and listened intently. The music was beautiful beyond all physical pleasure or pain. The end of the piece gave him a deeper understanding of the expression 'la petite mort'. While he was still recovering, the next track b


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What? No, no, where did my world go? I was in the middle of… something. What's going on? What's stroking my face?

The Devil's Bedpost

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A cellphone vibrates ineffectually against unfeeling skin. One last rivulet of blood slowly oozes down the wall as it dries. The rest of the room is still.


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Nine p.m., both are fresh home from work. Both are tired. In eighteen days they marry. The apartment’s a mess. They’re out of stamps, have bills to mail.


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Once upon a time a queen was blessed with twin sons, which she named Nosch and Amiaivel.


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‘Look, look, Quark. Look here. Warthearm. A shiny warthearm.’ Maz was on his elbows and knees, his fat ass sticking out in their air like two cannon-balls ready to be shot off. He was peering at a long, shapeless earthworm, its skin translucent and i


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"Do you have to call your brother a loser? He is not a loser and that was just uncalled for"

The Game

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She would turn her back to me and giggling commence with "green light" at which point I would begin tearing my clothes off...


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My father has no left hand. He lost it in an accident when I was an infant, leaving him a rounded stub dark and as rough as bark. Growing up, it’d terrify me.