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Happy Go Lucky

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He was Unremarkable. Fifth in line behind four others just slightly more remarkable than himself—sixth if one counted Test Subject 433 who wore the fuzzy hat and smelled like pork rinds.


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A sackcloth, and within this sackcloth – darkness. Yes well, darkness - what else; but if we could see into this darkness, what else besides the darkness?

One Bag of Popcorn

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“Dad’s a dick,” my sister said. I nodded. He threw $20 on the candy counter for one small bag of popcorn and told the girl to keep the change.

The Monster Business

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I first realized I could fight monsters when I was six. There was a particularly nasty Class 4 that lived under my bed. It was green and scaly with veiny lumps for eyes.

Pork Chops and Apple Sauce

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When I went to the SPCA, I had the intention of looking for a Beagle. I had done the research and thought the breed would be a good fit for my lifestyle. I am a long distance runner and wanted some company on the long night runs. I wanted a dog that would…

Candle Illumination

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Mint upon my palate, I rub sleep infused eyes and crawl under the covers. Oh blessed sleep, please descend upon this body and transverse this fatigue. Eyes closed, bring a wavering blackness upon subtle lids. The conversation begins…


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Bubbles, floating, blown this way, that way, the other way, and within each a person, or persons...

Don't Forget the Sun

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That’s when the inconspicuous-until-now janitor saunters over, glances down at their starlist and mumbles, “Don’t forget the sun,” and the astronomers all slap their foreheads and smile.

The Sound of Barcelona

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There’s no obvious difference between two years ago and now but it’s not the moment to contemplate the reason for the racket or why it took so long. Instead, it’s the time to renounce atheism and thank God that the noise has finally finished


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She knew the listing was too good to be true

Face of the Earth

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I am a bomb but I mean you no harm.

Guess Who Was At The Party?

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She didn’t look a thing like his girlfriend. This alone should have been a sign that she was just a fling, a diversion from what he had known for the past five years. She began to think of his girlfriend as guess who. Guess who was at the opening, peopl

A Christmas Spaghetti

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"Hmm. What did you call these again?" Reaching into the musty, wrinkled, cardboard box he pulled out a sample. Tiny Christmas lights on green cord with crumpled strands of interspersed silver tinsel hung like so much seaweed from his hand. "Fairy-

Some Were Crossing

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Some were crossing the bridge. They were scattered all over it.

The Astounding Adventures of Cyril Bright

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Chap. XI: A Place Beauteous of Which I Dare Not Speak And when I had released the spirit from his worldly prison, he did show to me a way that man does not travel, though travel it I did with him until we should chance to see such things as should never be polaroided (and…