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Caffeine-Fueled Revelation Machines

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So she leans over the patio table like that model in that magazine ad and then takes a sip of her blended coffee drink as if a director had said to pretend the straw is a penis. As if this director only just shouted, “And you're a dirty, dirty girl, and

Ugly People

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They stumble and curse prettily, their thin arms traversed with colored lines of drainage from the swooping trays, snakes of pricey liquor tinkling down their armpits and disappearing into unwashed bras packed with soggy filler.

Girl Friends

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Two women grab a table near a window in a coffee shop. Outside, the sky is the color of dulled aluminum. It is early spring and pollen assaults the air with a tint of sulfur.


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Back when I was fifteen, Svengal, Mohammed and I used to scamper up to the roof of our sixteen story apartment building and use it as our Masturbatory. We called it that because it served as a sort of observatory where we could diligently perform our rece

Dark Site

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Though some days... I feel as though I'm nothing more than the ultimate hedged-bet should the offender be living out his last days on earth, holding my arm as we both feel our way through the long dark corridors of tragedy.

The First Run

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It was hard for me to believe that such a thing was made. What other mode of transportation could possibly be made in this era? My first thought when I watched a science fiction show on television, was teleportation. I dismissed this as fiction.

The Master of Sleep

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The Master of Sleep had lived alone for many years, so when his daughters first moved into his house he welcomed them, seemingly glad for their company...

The Contract

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I promise I'll never hurt myself...

The Pickup Artist

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I run my hand under the sheets just to be sure, around the base of her neck, down to her knees, between her legs, lingering. I touch myself on the way back up. No way I’ll be able to lift it.


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I know how Billy feels; I can read his mind.


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It was the end of a New York City summer, the heat and humidity thick all around. But in her body it was an unforgiving winter, the memory of pain always leaving her cold

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

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The fat man got up, yawned, his large mouth exhaling tiny, perfect pigs, which then flew away, their golden wings beating desperately. He walked over to Sid, and took his hand in his pulpy, fleshy palm. Sid recoiled, loathing this touch, and looked at the

What I Did on My Summer Vacation…600mg Twice Daily

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I didn't realize it at the time, but my favorite summer vacation was the 30 days spent as an in-patient at a psychiatric unit for teenagers. I was fed, watered, medicated and entertained. It made me who I am today.

Losing Found Things

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She's the butterfly that lands on your fingertip one day and the crumpled wings left behind by your caring touch, and we all want to be the first, but we're not. She's the reason I don't look in mirrors.

A Girl More Still

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Lena jumps in Tungi’s ride, a busted Cutlass with chrome wheels and booming stereo. She hugs him, presses her chichis against his. He’s wearing too much cologne, but Lena’s glad he’s trying.