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The Death of Childhood Heroes (or "Roadkill")

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We were pushing ninety down the highway through a stretch of what rightfully should have been called the Badlands. We were both absorbed and coping with the rapidly escalating stages of desperation and so neither of us noticed when the yellow figure stepped…

The cycle of being married to Somebody

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Here is confinement. Here ties his enthusiasm to his waist and chains his ankles to obscurity. He must be there, sharing his face, telling his news, receiving his praise.

Smoke and Mirrors

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She liked his company, she was fond of him—the way an old English gentleman might be fond of his terrier—I've very fond of her, you know, he says, rubbing her bristly back.

Anniversary Dinner at Denny's

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A mile down the road, they found Denny’s. It was only four in the afternoon so there was no wait and the couple sat right away.

Destroyer Duty - on liberty

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one of the radar operators stood in the passageway outside the radio shack and proclaimed: "John had the prettiest little girl. She looked like a virgin. And he brought her to the EM club for dinner and dancing."

The First Date Questionnaire

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"Fancy Me"

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He stopped the shower and recounted his life, now Kin-less and plain.

Letters from the Aslyum (2)

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Leo, leo, leo, leo, the word itself imprinted on my brain, carved with a pearl handled blade into my cerebral cortex, into the medulla, burrowed deep into my dreams, I miss your kissing.

Best Left Unsaid: intro and ch.01

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“Evil is not always clothed in scales and horns,” the son frowns, “but it does wear a most unfashionable hat. To continue, what do I offer as collateral? My soul? Or is that too heavily mortgaged already?” The devil named his terms, congratulating

In Her Dreams

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In her dreams a man and a woman walk hand in hand, hibiscus or bougainvillea somewhere in the vicinity, like teenagers at the first mystery of reacting to one another's presence. How breathtaking the other one is, like the sea, like the salt wind, like the…

The Man Who Lives In My Shower

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There is a man who lives in my shower. He was here when I moved into my apartment three months ago, so I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

The Perfect Command

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He stood in front of her. They stood eye to eye. "You aren't supposed to look me in the eye. If I were anyone else you would be smacked down on the ground right now. Treat me as you would a lover, your master."


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The judge looked at Darren and frowned. But just as His Honor was about to speak, a man entered the room through a door behind the bench, approached the judge, and bent to whisper in his ear.


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“You look strangely familiar,” he said, taking a drink and swinging his leg over the horse, landing on the ground beside me ...

Everything and Nothing

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Joe thought of Evelyn. Walt of Charley. Annabelle dreamt of Paolo in an autumn in Cordoba. Everyone who stayed at Mrs Jackanoe’s guest house in Room 17 and found the note also found some long forgotten feelings.