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We lived in a white and mint green trailer in the woods. I was 23. The hanging of the clothes on the line made me feel kind of famous in the eyes of nature

"Forever You Will Be Mine"

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“Forever you will be mine” she said to me, and of course I did not believe her. She was a romantic and so was I, and such words habitually dripped out of her lovely mouth like honey from the comb, in a never-ending flow of flattery which I am ashamed to s

The Roach Under Her Bed

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Startled by the noise, the pair shot back to bed, Prince underneath it and Aurora into it.


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Hitler lay dead at my feet. His warm blood trickling away from his lifeless body.


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Miles in common and little else, the rivers collide rather peacefully, embracing the other just the way it came

Falling in 4:55

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“You are going to fall in love with me,” her smile suggested she had said this to many men, and she was probably right every time. She spun the CD on the tip of her finger as her tongue flicked from behind her teeth. Her dark hair was always arranged just so,…


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Costas was the Greek who put these buildings up all over the city. But all it meant to us was forty five floors—all windows and glass—and not one ledge to give a foothold.

Their Day

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The lace fell through the fingers, wrinkled and nimble they had become too used to avoiding the finite objects in life which needed attention. The white cotton sat loosely on her shoulders, the collar exposed the skin which had become dry and her shoulder

Touchstone: Excerpt 2.

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The only promotion I can do. Excerpts from the most recent book.

Touchstone: Excerpt 4.

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His wealth showed best in her full figure.

Magic Hands (excerpt, beginning)

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She turned and went for the stairs. I sort of sped up from the chair just to be able to touch her beautiful ass cheek before she raised her foot up the first step. She turned to me and we came together in a warm, delicate kiss. My tongue did things on i

Mary and Alicia (f/f erotic story, beginning)

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The feeling slowly arose that I just had to, I really needed to, kiss her. We had been such good friends, but I realized I could not resist this urge that had been building up, however scary.

Beautiful Food

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She betrayed him with sushi and vegetable crudite.

Valentine's Day: Say it with Chickens

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Love at first sight? Not for me.

Falling for 'It'

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Our ears are filled with songs, the flimsy, phony immaterial longings, tales of false embraces - the ghostly after-effect of too many hollow-pointed words, splitting the senses like atoms. The reaction is cataclysmic.